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Why use gasket?

Replacing your worn out uPVC gasket and sealscan help reduce your energy bills. Far from being an expensive and difficult job it is one of the simplest and effective DIY jobs you as a home owner can undertake. It just needs to be pushed in to place for it 

How much do I need?

Depending on how many doors or windows you are looking to use the gasket on the quantity depends on the job itself. The standard uPVC door will need 6 metres of gasket.

Types of gasket

Gasket for uPVC door and window insulation usually comes in several standards. These are ususlly bubble gasket, wedge gasket and universal gasket. Both work to combat against steamed up windows and help you combat against draughts whilst saving you money on energy bills. 

Sample pack

If you are unsure what size or shape gasket you need for your door then simply purchase a samply pack. This is the best way to identify what gasket is right for you. Sample packs are inexpensive and are the easiest way to identify the exact gasket size you need.