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Avocet ABS Euro Cylinder Locks

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Rain & Draught Excluders

Rain and draught excluders are a great way to not only secure your home from the elements but to save on energy bills also.

Rain excluders

These can be easily retrofitted to any uPVC door. We supply anti drip rain weather bars that require no screwing or drilling, they can be fitted by anyone as it is has double sided tape. If you ever get pools of rain water or puddles gathering at the bottom of your doors then an anti rain weather bar is the right solution for you.

Draught excluders

If your house suffers from draughts, especially coming from underneath your doors then a draught excluder is a great idea. It's simple and affordable and can be installed easily. The bristle brush of door draught excluders trap the cold draught and keep it from travelling any further. The nylon brushes act as a perfect seal.