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How To Safely Open uPVC Window Hinges

Having problems with uPVC window hinges? We have had a lot of feedback lately on how to operate our best selling uPVC Window Hinges from Avocet. The problem people seem to be having is not how to install them but simply how to open them. Although these uPVC window hinges are very strong and secure if they are opened the wrong way with a certain amount of force they can be broken very easily. Whether you are using the side hung or top hung friction stays the operation remains the... Read More

Guide To ERA Everywhere

              What is ERA Everywhere? Firstly, ERA’s expertise have been with us for a very long time, almost 200 years! As their logo states they have after all been ‘Securing Britain’s Homes since 1838’. They are a tried and trusted British company that’s known for high quality security solutions. With that being said, the demand for Smart Home technology has prompted this security giant to add some of its own products into the connected home mix. The term Everywhere is key to ERA’s new range of... Read More

The Dangers of Devices on Planes

              We’ve all been told to turn off our phones and other devices whilst flying 30,000 feet in the sky. Some of us ignore this request and go about our business tweeting or listening to music. However, the time for a complete ban on devices in the sky could be upon us. Causes Any problem that occurs once you’re thousands of feet in the sky is potentially catastrophic. Anything from faulty engines to pilot error can bring down a massive passenger jet. Instead of technology making... Read More

The 10 Best Places to Raise a Family in the UK

The Halifax Children’s Quality of Life Survey It can be hard finding the perfect place to live, add kids into the mix and that task can sometimes seem impossible. Ultimately, having kids means you need to start thinking about schools, road safety, social activities, crime rates etc… Although this seems like an impossible task – weighing up every possible scenario – The Halifax Children’s Quality of Life Survey has narrowed down the best locations to raise a family. Aspects such as employment rates, school performance levels and average house size... Read More

Top 15 Safest Cities to Live in Britain

Unbroken Britain Within the last few months Britain has been going through some major changes. Brexit, amongst other events, has catapulted Britain into the world’s spotlight with some labelling certain parts as xenophobic and unwelcoming. However, a recent survey by Provident Personal Credit has sought to gauge how friendly and polite cities in Britain actually are. Under the banner of ‘Unbroken Britain’, the following are the top 15 safest cities in Britain in relation to openness, friendliness and crime rates. The cities were given a mark out of 10: Results... Read More

What is a 5 Lever Mortice Lock?

Chances are, if you are looking to insure your home, insurers will probably require you to have sufficient security. This will include things like burglar alarms, CCTV equipment, window locks and almost certainly a 5 lever mortice lock. The most levers modern lock designs house is 5 – this gives maximum security for your front door and is why insurers look favourably upon them. How it Works The image to the left shows a mortice lock in its simplest form. The red case is recessed or morticed in to a door,... Read More

Fire Stats 2016

Home Office Fire Stats April 2015 to March 2016 Key Findings There were 303 fire-related fatalities in England during 2015/16 – 39 more than in 2014/15 Fire and Rescue services attended around 528,7001 incidents in England during 2015/16, 7% higher than the previous year FRSs attended roughly 214,100 fire false alarms in England during 2015/16 The number of malicious false alarms increased for the first time in 14 years (up by 2% on 2014/15) to around 6,900 in 2015/16. In 2015/16 there were around 73,400 primary fires, accounting for 45% of all fires.... Read More

The Dangers of Pokemon Go!

  Pokemon GONE! Everyone loves Pokemon Go, none more so than the unscrupulous individuals out to make a quick buck. Reports have shown that the phenomenon known as ‘Pokemon Go’ has led to a spike in crime up and down England and Wales, not to mention the rest of the World! As the stat on the left shows just in the month of JULY alone there was a total of 290 incidents involving crime related to Pokemon Go. The incidents happened up and down England and Wales with the district of... Read More

Benefits of a Burglar Alarm

Houses are vulnerable no matter how much security you have on them. It is down to the homeowner however to have adequate and up-to-date equipment to deter burglars as much as possible. One of the major weapons a homeowner has in their arsenal is a decent burglar alarm. Modern burglar alarms need not be expensive. Gone are the days when a house would have to be wired up to accommodate alarm systems and CCTV cameras. Today’s security cameras are cheap, light weight and can be controlled wirelessly. Alarming Statistics With that being... Read More

IoT: A Modern Revolution

  The Internet of Things Over the years we have experienced many revolutions and genius inventions that have helped shape our society. Steam helped us incorporate modern machinery and improve transport. Then electricity completely changed the game, leading onto computers and of course the internet. The next game changer insiders have said is going to be the next generation of the internet – The Internet of Things. Why Are People so Excited? To put it bluntly, it’s all about money! If current forecasts and trends continue match & exceed expectations then... Read More