12 Security Rules Of Christmas

Christmas comes but once a year and so to make sure you and your family have the best time make sure you have all of your security bases covered. The holiday season is a time for friends, family and gifts. Unfortunately, its these gifts that can be targeted by immoral opportunistic thieves.

Stay Safe This Christmas

There are many things that can go wrong over the festive period but just be vigilant and have a plan in your head to combat any situations that may go awry.

Our 12 Security Rules Of Christmas

  1. November and December are the busiest shopping months of the year. The high street has been in decline in the last few years and so shopping on the internet is a convenient alternative when buying Christmas presents. Make sure the website you are purchasing from is legitimate, check to see the website starts with https – the s stands for security. Always log out of your account after you have completed your purchase.
  2. If you are going on holiday or visiting relatives over Christmas do not advertise it on social media. An empty home over Christmas is what burglars are looking for. Ask neighbours to keep an eye on your property whilst you are away. Take precautions to fool thieves into thinking your house is occupied such as this simulated Fake TV.
  3. Combine Christmas lights and motion sensor lights to deter would be burglars. If your house is lit up like a Christmas tree it will make it too risky a challenge for a burglar.
  4. Christmas decorations can become a fire hazard. Don’t leave fairy lights on overnight or when you are out. Make sure that all your lights carry the British Safety Standard sign.
  5. Test your smoke alarms at least once a month, especially in the build up to Christmas. Quick acting ionisation smoke detectors will detect fast flaming fires and will give you enough time to escape before the smoke gets too thick or the fire becomes too out of control. Also, think about installing a carbon monoxide detector if you burn gas or fuel, ie, cooking via a gas oven.
  6. Always check your windows and doors for weak spots. Your door is is the main entry point for a burglar so reinforce it with high security 3 star euro cylinder locks. Think about installing a door chain and add restrictors to all of your windows.
  7. In the event that you do get burgled make sure you have a high quality CCTV system running so it will give you the necessary evidence to catch the perpetrator. Place them around your front and back doors and out of the reach of intruders.
  8. You will no doubt have many expensive gifts littered around your home. The build up to Christmas can be stressful but don’t be careless when hiding your Christmas presents. If you hide them in your shed or garage make sure the necessary security features such as garage locks and shed alarms are installed. This is especially relevant when hiding presents such as bicycles and large children’s toys.
  9. Do not leave packaging outside your home. Discarded rubbish from Christmas Day lets burglars know exactly what’s inside your home. Phone and laptop packaging should be kept out of sight and taken directly to a recycling facility. If your local refuse collectors have changed their times over Christmas then wait till they are operating again before you put your rubbish out.
  10. Place your Christmas tree away from any heat sources. If you have purchased a real live fir tree for Christmas then make sure it is healthy and vibrant green, do not purchase a tree that is shedding its needles. Dry unhealthy trees are a fire hazard. Real Christmas trees are more hazardous than artificial trees but take the necessary precautions for both. Do not leave small children alone around your Christmas tree.
  11. Home security alarms are the perfect deterrent when thwarting burglars. Burglar alarms are getting smarter and more user friendly. You can monitor your home from anywhere in the world using you’re smartphone and many alarms will send a warning directly to the police as a burglary is in progress.
  12. You will no doubt give and receive many expensive gifts over the festive season. Jewellery, laptops, watches, smartphones are all popular gifts that will be opened on Christmas Day. Your home insurance coverage will not include your newly purchased gifts so take care when storing them in your home. If possible invest in a floor or wall safe that you can house your small valuable items in.

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