How to Secure your Home: Top Tips

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Across the UK hundreds of home owners are burgled every single day.  Now whilst it is very difficult to completely seal your home from potential thieves there are a number of things of which you as a home owner can do in order to minimise any possibility of being burgled in the first place. Today, we are going to offer up our top tips on how to secure your home so that hopefully you will never have to experience the horrible feeling of having an intruder in your house.

Essential steps to prevent a burglary

  • Always lock up your home when not in use
  • If you move in to a new house always change the locks with high security locks
  • If you lose your keys always change your locks immediately after
  • Never store a spare key outside in obvious places such as under a door mat
  • Never leave notes surrounding the location of a key to family member on the door
  • Locate potential hiding areas for burglars outside of your home such as trees blocking windows. Consider having these cut back.
  • If asked to use the telephone by a stranger at your door, make the call yourself; never let a stranger in to your home.
Now that we have covered the essential steps that you as a home owner should carry out in order to prevent a burglary as well as best practices should you just so happen to lose your keys, there are a number of key things that you can utilize inside and outside your home which will further deter potential burglars from even attempting a break in. These include:
  •  An obvious CCTV system watching all entrances to your home
  • A high quality alarm system which only goes off upon a break in
  • Double glazed windows to deter a smash entry
  • Use light timers in order to create the illusion that your home is always occupied
  • Consider adopting a dog for added security to your home. Even if your dog is not big, any extra loud sounds will deter a burglar from entering your home in the fear they will be caught

Think like a burglar

Whilst high-profile houses and mansions may be burgled by professionals the majority of homes across the UK are burgled by complete amateurs. What this means is that in most cases of break-ins the offender will make mistakes which can be capitalized upon by the home owner, often leading to a conviction or the identification of the criminal at least.
Utilizing the top tips above, you should be able to minimize the chances of being burgled massively and sleep better at night knowing that no burglar will want to try it on with your home.


  • Great tips! Very useful.

  • Some extremely helpful tips above for all home owners to follow, amazing how many new home owners dont replace their door locks when moving in, you can have the best security money can buy, but a previous owner or tenant could have a key..another basic security item we always recommend and supply are basic sash jammers for upvc patio doors good additional security for pennies