September 2014

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Upgrading your door handles to match your décor

When decorating a room, it’s usually paint, wallpaper and furnishings that drown most of your thought and attention. Which is why it’s such a huge shame when, having spent so much time deliberating between roasted red and salsa  red, that the overall effect is ruined through the omission of small details, such as ‘Designer Interior Door Handles’. It’s often been said that small details make all the difference, tying a look together or providing that final polish. Among those often-overlooked small details are internal door handles. Probably viewed as a more... Read More

What’s the problem with Euro Cylinder Locks?

Upgrade your door cylinder Door cylinder snapping & bumping is on the rise. With everyday tools a burglar can get past a standard door cylinder in less than 30 seconds. The Avocet ABS cylinder has special built in Snap Secure technology that ensures that if the door is attacked the cylinder snaps from the outside and blocks access to the internal mechanism of the door lock. The ABS snap secure cylinder lock keeps the burglar out and in the vast majority of cases it can still be operated after the... Read More