May 2015

Did You Know We Stock…

Did You Know? We stock an array of specialist items for windows and doors, such as: Multi-Point Locks, Door Cylinders, Door Handles, Sash and Deadlocks, Restrictors, Jammers, Patio Hardware, Sanitary Ware, Screws and Fixings etc


5 Things that can make your home safer for children

Bringing a baby into your home is certainly life changing, but it also means you need to look at your surroundings in a way you probably never have before. Children are curious individuals and this can unfortunately put them in danger, unless you have taken every precaution possible to ensure they are as safe as can be. In the UK alone, more than one million children a year are taken to hospital after being involved in accidents in the home, so  installing child safety equipment is key to creating a... Read More