January 2016

Can I Use Disproportionate Force When Faced With an Intruder?

The case of Denby Jones has raised many questions about how to deal with intruders violating your home. Terms like ‘self-defence’ and ‘reasonable force’ come with loaded connotations. Self-defence has been used in English law for centuries and is a justification rather than an excuse. Householders especially have the rite to protect themselves, their property and their loved ones.                 You don’t have to wait to be attacked to defend yourself in your own home. However, here at Home Secure we think that violence should... Read More

How To Deal With Unwanted Trespassers: Getting Smart With Burglars

  Burglars are a timid bunch! They seem to be scared of any kind of interaction– they hate lights and noise too. With that being said, instead of thinking of burglars as criminal masterminds simply think of them as a small shy garden pest that runs away at the drop of a hat! Now, in order to scare away these pests, you can adopt a number of tactics. LIGHTING & ALARM SYSTEMS seem to act as the perfect deterrent to these opportunistic intruders. Investing in some garden lights that detect motion... Read More

Top 5 Tips to Protect Your Home- Be as Cunning as the Burglars!

In order to combat thieves and burglars sometimes you have to think like one! That doesn’t mean go out and start stealing from your neighbours– it simply means start being more clever and cunning when protecting your property and goods. Staying one step ahead of the criminals will drastically increase your chances of keeping you and your loved ones safe. For instance: Be friendly with your neighbours so they know exactly who should be at your house- vice versa. Don’t advertise your whereabouts on Facebook or any other social platform.... Read More

Quick Guide For Personal Safety: Top 5 Tips

When out and about among the general public it’s easy to get lost in the crowd. However, thieves and other criminals are looking for their next victim. Take steps to protect yourself and your property. For instance:   Don’t advertise your electronic goods– keep them out of sight, in a bag or purse/ wallet– mobile phones especially. Don’t carry important documents around unless you require them- passport/ credit cards. Don’t walk down badly lit streets or alleyways- Always try to stay in a crowd. Don’t leave your bag unattended at... Read More

How To Deal With Bogus Visitor's!

Although you might be an honest and trusting person, sometimes its better to be safe than sorry. TIPS Sometimes its better to ignore the person at the front door if you do not recognise them. Investing in a viewer or peep hole is a great way of identifying who’s at the door. If you answer the door to a salesman ask for identification. Check to see if the identification card has an expiry date. Check the photo to see if it matches the person at the door. If you have... Read More

Quick Guide on Crime Prevention Over The Years: Different Times Same Crimes!

Crime prevention over the years has taken on many forms. The graphic below shows how government’s and societies have tried to combat theft over the years. whether it was by using fear or humour, or just plain common sense the aim was always the same- keep innocent people safe! Now we’re in the 21st century, the crimes are just as prevalent today as they were in the 1950’s. The difference is home-owners today have a plethora of gadgets and devices to protect themselves and their home.

Tips For Protecting Your Home: BE SENSIBLE!

Kevin McCallister went to dangerous, and admirable, lengths to subdue the ‘Wet Bandits’ in Home Alone! Although his ingenious pranks and traps worked perfectly in protecting his home, life unfortunately isn’t a Hollywood film. Don’t try and be a hero! Take precautions when protecting your home from intruders. Although it might be fun to put tarantulas on burglars faces and burn their scalp the BEST way of dealing with burglars and thieves should always be the SAFEST way.