June 2016

7 Tips On Home Security When Moving House

  The Summer months often see people utilising the good weather to start transporting their possessions in to a new property. However, a new location brings with it its own problems. Check out these handy hints so you’re not totally in the dark when moving home: Tips For Moving House Firstly, if you have selected an area where you’d like to move to check it’s crime stats. There are many good apps out there that will pin point specific areas in relation to its crime.  Or, simply ask people that... Read More

Benefits Of Using Our Great VERSA Range

Official Distributors Sometimes we see products that we know our customers and tradesmen are going to equally find appealing. None more so than the hardware range from VERSA. Why We Like VERSA products The benefits of the VERSA hardware range is that it’s a new way of doing things. In their own words they ‘want to help you save time and money by stopping you having to return to jobs twice. It’s frustrating and costly when you don’t have the exact replacement part needed on your van.’ Their replacement door... Read More

7 Ways to Defend Your Home Against Burglars

  To Prevent Fishing try to invest in a door without a letterbox. Burglars can gain access to properties through the letterbox by fishing for keys and other valuables. However, a simpler solution can be to purchase accessories to protect your existing letterbox. Sometimes it’s all about a visual deterrent. The fact that you have a massive lock on your shed or you have a sign stating that you have CCTV will often be enough to scare off a burglar. Having a sign stating you have CCTV is always a... Read More

5 Ways To Protect Your Bike

DID YOU KNOW…..                 As the above graphic demonstrates, bikes are the most commonly stolen item in the UK, staggeringly making up 46% of all claims. TIPS Firstly, if you are just using your bike to get to and from work try not to spend an absolute fortune on it. A high performance expensive bike is what thieves are on the look out for. The Summer months will encourage more people to take up cycling. When it goes dark of a night make... Read More

How To Use a Personal Attack Alarm: What Do They Sound Like?

Being the victim of an attack can leave you bewildered and breathless – sometimes worse. Try to be prepared, stay as calm as you can and use your instincts to prevail in such a situation. Follow these simple guidelines and stay safe. Firstly, make sure you have an easy to hold and easy to conceal personal alarm. Keep it somewhere where you can reach for it immediately. Use it as a keyring or place it on a belt so you are not trying to fish it out of your pocket. Even... Read More

The Growing Market For Digital Door Locks

The Future? Some say a Smart Home starts with a smart front door. A front door with a traditional lock and key function is gradually falling out of favour with home owners. Your first line of defence against burglars and other intruders is your front door – obviously windows are important too but your front door is the main access point to your property. Locks such as mortice locks, deadbolt locks and euro locks etc are all effective in their own way. The difference between these type locks and modern digi locks is... Read More

Watch Our Key Cutting Video

Speaking of keys and where to hide them, check out one of our experts at Home Secure cut a key for an ABS lock. ABS keys/locks are great for getting all your doors and things like gates on the same key. Convenient and cost effective!

Where’s The Best Place To Hide Your Spare House Key?

Key’s can be the bain of people’s lives! They are small, easy to lose, can snap, and fundamentally, in the wrong hands they can destroy a person’s life. So, even though they can annoy us as we’re trying to find them first thing of a morning before work they are an essential part of everyday life.   Worst Place to Put Your Keys –Do Not leave keys under a welcome mat – or any mat for that matter! –Do Not leave keys under a car tyre. –Do Not leave keys in or under... Read More

1900’s Tech vs 2016 Tech?

  Door Wedge Alarm Looking at the two images above its hard to believe that they’re over 100 years apart –  However, they’re practically the same product. Both have a wedge design that is made to fit under a door, both have a pressure pad and both sound an alarm. The 1906 version of this product though claims that its ‘bell rings violently on slightest pressure.’  The 2016 version however releases a ‘powerful 120 decibels alarm.’ Price? The advert states that the 1906 version would cost you $1. Now, that seems pretty... Read More

Door Knocker Demo

    Check out this modern and sleek door knocker. Comes with a ‘eyehole viewer’ option to add a bit more security to your property. This way you’ll always know who’s at your door before opening it. Pick from different finishes and colours to add a modern design twist to your front door.         Check out the video: