July 2016

What Really is a ‘Smart Home’?

Quite simply, a ‘Smart Home’ is named as such as it is geared to make the lives of the occupants much more easier. It is a whole system of devices and appliances that work together in tandem to save you money, time and energy. We have had certain types of smart devices in our homes for years, things such as remote controlled garage doors etc. With the advent of new and improved technology and devices the ‘Smart Home’ looks like its going from strength to strength. How Does It Work? The ‘Smart... Read More

5 Security Tips For Your Devices

  Lock your devices when you are not using them. Especially when out in public, coffee shop etc. Make sure you turn off the automatic-connect to Bluetooth and Wi-Fi settings when you leave your house. People can hack in to your systems just by walking past. Do not use your device to advertise your whereabouts via social media. Try to avoid using public Wi-Fi. Although Wi-Fi is sometimes password protected in certain locations it will not deter hackers from trying to steal your data. Always update your operating system! Make sure... Read More

8 Biggest Mistakes You’re Making

Sometimes you just cant prevent crime, specifically burglary. If someone is determined and skilled enough then they will get their hands on your property no matter what obstacles they face. However, the last thing you should be doing is making it easier for them. Statistics were recently released by the Co-Op Insurance company which reveal what the most common mistakes home owners are making in regards to home security. Are You Making These Mistakes? Keeping your sheds unlocked? Leaving out anything that can be used to break a window? Leaving... Read More

Top 10 Towns For Bike Thefts

On average 400,000 bikes are stolen each year in the UK. It has been found that the majority of these thefts occur in or around the victim’s home – gardens, garages, sheds etc. Check out our map of bike theft hotspots in the UK. Top *10 Towns *Ranked in order of most thefts. Number 1 being the most.         LONDON EDINBURGH OXFORD BRISTOL LIVERPOOL MANCHESTER CAMBRIDGE CARDIFF BOURNEMOUTH READING     How To Prevent Bike Theft The above graphic shows the main affected areas of bike thefts.... Read More

What is The Internet of Things?

  What is it? The Internet of Things, or IoT for short, is a term used to describe the growing interactivity of objects. Imagine the internet with all its intelligent data and algorithms and transplant it into everyday objects. The IoT is a future where everyday objects and systems can communicate with each other and perform tasks without any human input or interaction. What are the ‘Things’? The ‘Things’ in the Internet of Things can cover a broad spectrum. Legal scholars suggest the term ‘Things‘ is an “inextricable mixture of hardware,... Read More