November 2017

Benefits of Upgrading Your Front Door Letter Plate

It’s hard to believe but the majority of burglars gain access to a property via the front door. In fact, 34% of burglars successfully target the front door when committing their crimes. This might seem like a staggering percentage to some as most people assume burglars sneak in through windows and unlocked back doors. As the weak point of your house is your front door it’s of paramount importance that you secure it as professionally as possible. Everyone knows that to secure your property you need some or all of... Read More

Benefits of Having a Fire Door Retainer

The difficulty with fire doors is that sometimes you need to leave them open. Whether it be in schools or hospitals, occasionally you will need to leave the fire door open for deliveries or for tradespeople. It is also the case that fire doors are left open during the hot Summer months to let some air in. The problem with this however is that it is against all fire regulation procedures that are already in place, and technically illegal. The very purpose of a fire door is that it should... Read More

Last Minute Holiday Advice – Top 5 Tips

Top Tips If You Are Going Away On Holiday There are many ways to keep your home safe while on holiday. There are also many security gadgets and expensive alarms that will keep your house safe while your on holiday. Investing in strong security is always a good thing. However, just using your common sense and some ingenuity can be just as effective. Top 5 Useful Tips Holiday Tips Some people have the same dilemma every time they leave their house empty – curtains shut or curtains open? You don’t... Read More

Guide to Glazing Tools

As we have a lot of experience with glazing and double glazing tools we thought we’d give you a quick run down of what tools you should be using. There are many good brands on the market that supply excellent glazing tools and hardware (we advise shopping around until you find the right products for you) but we are confident enough to recommend a specific security brand that we feel has the necessary quality and price range to get the job done: Xpert Tools and Hardware To quote them directly: “Xpert Tools came... Read More

Types of Fire Extinguisher – A Guide

Firstly, one size does not fit all. There is no one fire extinguisher type that can fight every kind of fire. Fires are divided into 6 categories or ‘classes’ and you should choose an extinguisher to fight a specific type of fire. All fire extinguishers have colour codes. Types of Fire Class A fires are caused when combustible materials ignite. These types of flammable solids are things such as wood, paper, and fabric. Things around the house such as curtains, couches, bins etc. Class B fires are caused when flammable liquids ignite.... Read More

Fire Safety in the Home

            Out of all the accidental house fires that occur In the UK each year 6,000 are caused through faulty electrics. Over half of these are the result of cooking accidents in the kitchen. The danger of having such a fire in the home is that many people do not know how to deal with them and they can be extremely devastating. For instance, the common misconception when dealing with electrical fires is that you pour water over the burning appliance. This should be avoided... Read More

Most Burglaries Happen in November

As the clocks go back and dark nights draw in it seems that the Autumn months bring with them a higher risk of burglary! Statistics have shown that it is November is the main month that you are most likely to be burgled. November burglary rates are 46% higher than the rate for the rest of the year. There are some major factors that contribute to these findings. For instance, the darker nights starting in October encourage burglars to try their luck. They know the many festivities over the coming months... Read More

Safes For the Home

It is always a good idea to invest in a safe, especially for the home. When searching for a safe you need to take into consideration what the safe will be used for and, more importantly, the quality of the safe. Safes come in all shapes & sizes and have different purposes. For instance, you can invest in a safe that will house your key as well as a floor safe that can house items such as money, jewellery and other expensive family heirlooms. Types Of Safes The most common... Read More