December 2017

uPVC Door Butt Hinge Replacement

The most common type of hinge you’ll see on uPVC doors is the butt hinge. You will find that most older uPVC doors will have these types of  door hinges attached to them. They also can be found on French doors. Butt hinges generally come in a range of sizes from 13mm to 150mm. Broken uPVC Door Hinges? We get a lot of customers saying they can’t locate any door hinges to replace their broken old style uPVC ones. We always recommend Avocet’s uPVC door hinges. Our Avocet butt hinges are... Read More

Keep Yourself Warm! Guide To Rubber Gasket Weatherseals

Gasket weatherseals serve an important role in keeping your house safe and secure. Certain uPVC glazing techniques require different types of weatherseals. For instance, depending on what frame you have you will need one of the following – bubble gasket and wedge gasket for uPVC windows & doors, and products like Aquamac Qlon gasket for timber frames. What Job Does It Do? To put it simply, rubber gasket weatherseals keep you warm and can save you moneyThe most common cause of steamed or misted up windows is because the seal... Read More

How To Measure Your Euro Cylinder Lock

Euro cylinder door locks are the most common lock type in Britain today. They are versatile and most brands will fit any kind of uPVC door, as well as composite, aluminium and patio doors. They can be fitted to your front and back doors and offer resistance to drilling, picking, bumping etc. Security brands such as Yale and Avocet supply three star euro cylinders that really are the gold standard of door locks. Unlike our measuring guide for UAP locks most euro lock cylinders are measured from screw to screw. Euro Cylinder... Read More


uPVC Door Restrictor Stay Fitting Instructions

Door Restrictors for uPVC doors are great at limiting the opening of your door so it doesn’t continuously bang into things. A gust of wind or someone accidently slamming one of your doors can lead to excessive damage to the fixings that interact with the door and door frame, such as sill end caps, walls, radiators etc. By restricting the door opening to 90° the restrictor keeps the door frame away from any nearby objects whilst allowing full access to your property. What Doors Will They Work On? Door restrictors should be... Read More


Benefits of Installing a Garage Door Lock

Good To Know: Garages can quite often be an easy target for burglars as they are usually detached from a property or at least not in view. Furthermore, garages are known to store some of your most valuable items – Cars, bikes, tools, electrical equipment etc. So its only right that you treat your garage door the same as you would your front door. Installing an extra secure garage door lock is the perfect solution to securing your garage and its belongings. A little bit of investment pays dividends when... Read More