February 2018

Yale Weatherproof Padlock Demo

We have been a proud official distributor of Yale security products for a few years now. As one of the most recognisable security brands in the UK we feel we can trust their products completely. If you own a euro cylinder lock, letterbox, padlock or even an alarm system chances are they will have been made by Yale. SEE HERE If you are looking to secure any outdoor buildings such as sheds, garages or even gates then a weatherproof open shackle padlock from Yale is a good option. It is... Read More

White uPVC Replacement Door Handles Video

White is by far the most common colour in regards to uPVC hardware. Door handles, window handles, window frames, letterboxes etc are all predominantly white. The beauty of uPVC door handles and other uPVC materials in the home is that they are relatively inexpensive and very easy to clean. Check out our video below as we give a quick demo on what our white uPVC replacement door handles look like. Stick around till the end of the video to see how to measure uPVC door handles – WATCH BELOW For... Read More

Types Of Interior Door Handles

Door handles can be taken for granted sometimes. They are a necessary part of everyday life and are literally everywhere. That doesn’t mean however that they have to be ugly and uninviting. Door handles, whether they be interior, exterior or in your kitchen are an important part of your home and can bring a sense of style to your decor. Style We like giving our expert advice to our community on all things home security related. Door handles can be technical sometimes, many people initially measure them wrong and so... Read More

Should I Have an Outdoor Key Safe?

First and foremost, if you are thinking of purchasing an outdoor key safe, or if you already have one, do not put it on show. Install it somewhere out of sight so it is not visible to passers by. Although it may be impossible to crack do not encourage burglars by having it on show. It is best to install an outdoor key safe somewhere that is not immediately visible. Find a spot that is not directly by your door and is not at eye level. The better it is... Read More

What is Keyed Alike and Keyed to Differ?

There are numerous ways to secure your home or premises, it all depends on the individual. Whether you are a caretaker in a school or a vigilant homeowner everyone has their own preferences when it comes to security. We get a lot of requests from our community on which euro cylinder keys to choose – especially ABS euro cylinders. Here’s a run-down of what keys are available whether it be keyed alike, keyed to differ or built to code. Keyed Alike One of the benefits of having ‘keyed alike’ locks... Read More

How To Buy ABS Locks

ABS cylinder locks are one of the most respected security locks on the market. Manufactured by Avocet Hardware they are the benchmark for all uPVC door locks. As we specialise in uPVC security products we are proud that we are an approved ABS elite centre. SEE HERE: ABS Locks The lock is extremely versatile and you can choose whether you want all your locks to operate on the same key. There are many variations of how you can order your ABS locks, so much so that we have made a... Read More

How To Change Over a uPVC Multipoint Door Lock

We value simplicity here at Home Secure. No matter how technical or difficult a job may seem we like to get it down to the fundamentals for ourselves and for our customers. Replacing a multipoint uPVC door lock may seem like a daunting task but with the right tools and know how it is relatively simple. Always try and replace your old gearbox with the exact same size and brand – See all our lock brands HERE The Tools All you need to replace your old uPVC mechanism with a... Read More

UPVC Door Locks

Chances are if your uPVC door lock has failed or broken it will be because of the central lock case mechanism. It is important to upgrade your multipoint uPVC door lock at the first sign of fatigue. The good thing about these uPVC locks is that you can actually save money by replacing them! Instead of purchasing a whole new full lock mechanism you only have to replace the gearbox to get it working again – SEE HERE  What’s a uPVC Door Lock Gearbox? The central part of a multipoint... Read More

Burglar Proof Your Front Door

There are two main entry points to your property that a burglar will take advantage of. One is your back door. The other, more alarmingly, is your front door. In fact, 72% of burglars gain access to a property via the front door. Statistics have shown over the last 10 years that the number one method burglars use to gain access to a front door is forcing the lock. Surprisingly, the second most common way a burglar enters a property through a front door is due to the door not... Read More

How To Create Strong Passwords for Online Security

As our lives continue to be played out online we are constantly asked to create more and more passwords. If you use the internet for anything chances are you have been asked to type in a password to gain access. This could be a Facebook log in, email log-in, even banking log in details. The trouble is, many people do not take their passwords as seriously as they should. The rise in cyber crime has increased exponentially over the last decade. There are dedicated criminals out there trawling the internet... Read More