March 2018

Tip Of The Week: Holiday Advice

We are always trying to give as much help and support to our customers here at Home Secure. Now that Spring seems to be on its way people will be looking forward to the warmer months leading up to Summer. This means holiday season! So you’re about to embark on your dream holiday. Your passport and foreign currency are safely packed away in a high security cash safe – SEE HERE. You’ve bought the necessary insurance and took the adequate medication, and you’ve even bought yourself a travel safe to keep... Read More

Are Door Knockers Suitable For uPVC Doors?

Door knockers are a great alternative to front door bells. They wont short circuit and it stops people banging on your front door panels or exterior uPVC windows. Door knockers can add a nice traditional feel to your front door. The good thing is that you can fit front door knockers to pretty much any door type. Whether you prefer solid brass door knockers or chrome door knockers it doesn’t take much effort to fit them on to your front door – SEE HERE Famous Front Door Knocker Although not... Read More

Replacing Your Tired uPVC Fixtures with Quality Door Handles

External uPVC door handles are there to offer you functionality and security. Wherever a multipoint lock exists you’ll find an exterior uPVC door handle. There are many manufacturers out there who offer all kinds of door handles in various materials and colours, it can be hard to choose sometimes. The most common pz size (the measurement taken from the centre of the euro keyhole to the centre of the handle lever) is 92. The is the standard size in Britain. To find out HOW TO IDENTIFY AND MEASURE YOUR UPVC DOOR... Read More

What Are the Most Common Days Burglars Strike?

There is no sure fire way to know what day or what time of the day your home will be targeted by burglars. Like most anti-social behaviour it is unpredictable. Obviously if you’re on holiday your home becomes an easy target by default as there is no one in the property. The main thing to know is that burglars are opportunistic. They are relying on people to have their guard down and will strike if they find a hint of weakness in or around your property. As many latest figures... Read More

When Do People Upgrade Their Home Security?

There are many different reasons why people upgrade their home security. They could be doing it to reduce insurance premiums, their landlord could have invested in new security measures – or quite simply, there could have been an increase in burglaries in the local and surrounding areas. Although it can sometimes be stressful and expensive, upgrading the security in and around your home is a worthwhile endeavour. Whether you are installing a new security system with security cameras and CCTV or just upgrading your door locks or letterbox the more... Read More

Extra uPVC Door & Window Security: The Sash Jammer

You will no doubt have at least a couple of composite sash windows or uPVC doors on your property. Some houses consist mainly of uPVC windows and doors, front and back. The good thing about uPVC fixtures and fittings is that you can retrofit pretty much any security feature you want onto them. If you need a security upgrade, instead of replacing the whole door or window you can simply add uPVC hardware wether it’s a window restrictor, new multipoint door lock, or a sash jammer. What is a Sash... Read More

Burglary Warning Signs: How To Spot A Thief

As a homeowner it can be difficult to know how to protect your home at all times. The plus side is the power is in your hands. As long as you’re alert and have the necessary security measures on your property you will have the tools to spot a thief. Casing Your House What burglars tend to do before they strike is target a property, or ‘casing’ as its commonly known. This basically means that they will research what areas and homes will be easiest and safest to burgle. They... Read More

How To Measure Internal Door Latch

On most interior door handles you will find a tubular mortice latch. An internal door latch allows you to close a door and keep it in place without locking it. For easy and smooth operation a strike plate will cushion the door handle and literally latch it into place. Although they can come in different sizes the two most common sizes in the UK for internal door latches are 63mm and 76mm. These sizes are the overall length of the latch, or the case. When measured to the spindle mechanism, the... Read More

A Guide To Silicone Sealants

Sealants and silicones play a useful part in everyday life. Every joiner, builder or tradesman will have an abundant supply of sealants in their collection. Whether it’s a high grade rubber silicone sealant or an all purpose saves nails type sealant there is a handy silicone for every type of job. Fish Tanks For bonding, bedding and sealing glass in aquarium construction you will need a marine quality silicone. Fish tank sealant is used to bond fish tank joints together or to fill a hole or crack in the glass.... Read More

Child Door Safety For The Home

We have all had blackened and bruised finger nails from trapping our fingers in a door hinge. There’s nothing more painful than trapping or banging your finger. The pain is tenfold however when it happens to a child. The difference is children are naturally adventurous and so the home throws up all sorts of dangerous obstacles and traps. Baby Proof Your Home To see our  5 THINGS THAT CAN MAKE YOUR HOME SAFER FOR CHILDREN click HERE Dangerous Doors Doors are meant to keep you and your loved ones safe, especially... Read More