April 2018

Benefits of a Pet Flap For Cats & Dogs

The UK is well know as being a huge animal and pet loving nation – even some of our businesses allow pets in the office:  SEE HERE Navigating your home life around your pets can be a tricky task, especially if you have children also. Cats and dogs are the most common household pet in Britain:  SEE HERE Cats & Dogs Like all humans, cats and dogs need a door to exit and re-enter its home. Everyone with a pet cat will know only too well that you are at the... Read More

Safe stockist in Liverpool

When looking for a safe for the home or business you should be aware of what type of safe you require. Safes come in all different shapes and sizes. As long as you have the necessary room you can install pretty much any type of safe whether it’s for documents, jewellery, laptops, money etc. BURG-WÄCHTER BURG-WÄCHTER is the leading European manufacturer of high performance security safes. Their quality German engineering and unmatched security features is why we are a proud distributor of BURG-WÄCHTER safes. They come in various locking options to... Read More

How to Replace a uPVC Window Handle

Before you upgrade your uPVC window handles with a brand new replacement you should know what size window handle you need. Before you purchase your new shiny chrome or brass window handle check the size of your current one. The main measurement you are looking for is the spindle length. The spindle is the piece of metal that sticks out of the back of the window handle and connects directly into the uPVC window. see fig.1  For more detail on how to measure your uPVC window handle SEE HERE Spindle... Read More