May 2018

How Do Window Seals Work?

Do you experience draughts coming in through your uPVC or timber windows? Do dust particles and other air born nuisances seep into your home during the Summer months? The best solution to these everyday occurrences is to install a window seal to weatherproof your home. Here’s our guide to rubber gasket window seals Draught Proofing Draught proofing or weather sealing your property can save you money. Your house can let energy escape – heat that you have paid for can trickle out of your property without you knowing, therefore, the... Read More

How To Secure Your Window in 3 East Steps

First and foremost windows are an important part of our everyday home life. They can ventilate our home and bathe us with sunlight, adding value to our property. More importantly, they can be a secondary means of escape in case of fire or danger. On the other hand windows can, and do, possess a dangerous element if you have small children – about 8 children under the age of 5 die each year from falling out of a window. MORE HERE Keep Furniture Away From Windows The statistics on small... Read More

Beginners Guide: uPVC Door Locks

First and foremost, if you are having any problems with your uPVC door locks then contact your nearest locksmith – It’s better to be safe than sorry. uPVC doors continue to be popular throughout the UK. Their multi point locking systems mean that they add an extra layer of security compared with a standard deadbolt on a timber door. The best practice when buying a uPVC door lock is to invest in quality. If you need to replace your current uPVC multipoint door lock then the first thing you need... Read More

Quick Guide to Door Latches

To put it bluntly, door latches offer no internal security on your property. However, internal door latches are ideal for when you want to have door handles on a door but youdon’t want to lock it. Door latches on internal doors will keep the door closed and let you gain entry to rooms without having to unlock the door. Types of Door Lock/Latch An inexpensive run of the mill door latch will keep your door in place. Sometimes though, you may need some extra security or privacy in regards to... Read More

What is a Cockspur Window Handle?

There are several types of window handles that you will find in and around your home. Spindle type handles found on uPVC windows are called espagnolette, or ‘espag’ for short. These are button operated and will be found on newer uPVC window compositions. Tilt and turn type window handles are for windows that open inwards into a property. To operate a tilt and turn window you need to pull the window down towards you. The handles on this type of window will operate at 360 degrees. If you have slightly... Read More