June 2018

uPVC Door Locks Liverpool

Here at Home Secure we pride ourselves on not only fulfilling our orders throughout the UK and the rest of the world but also offering our services to the local community. We are based in Liverpool, Merseyside – Aintree to be exact, home of the Grand National. With the latest technology, jam packed into our e-commerce website; it has never been easier to sign up for an exclusive trade account. This will gain you access to the Home Secure trade only area where you can secure yourself some savings such... Read More

Don’t Worry, Here’s 7 Ways To Protect You and Your Family

The UK as of late seems to be in the midst of some sort of crime wave. Every front page and headline seems to be specifically designed to strike fear into the reader. Unsolved crimes and multiple stabbings litter the newspapers and news websites. Taking these news stories into consideration its hard to fathom why people would even step foot outside their front door. The crime figures do not make for pleasant reading but they shouldn’t prevent you going about your everyday life. A rule of thumb for today’s problems... Read More

How Do Avocet ABS Cylinders Secure Your Home?

The method of choice for most burglars these days seems to be ‘lock snapping’. The average house price in the UK as of April 2018 is £226,906. Of course, there will be discrepancies between Northern and Southern towns and semi detached and terraced houses etc. The point being, houses are the most expensive thing we will ever purchase in our lifetime – With that being said it’d be careless to overlook the importance of an anti-snap euro cylinder lock. Euro Cylinders Locks The average door cylinder lock will not protect against lock... Read More

Outdoor Security For Your Shed & Garage

For those people who cannot store everything in their home a shed or garage is the next best thing. They are ideal for people who don’t want to store heavy duty motorbikes or dirty bicycles in the main house. A shed or garage can offer multiple storage solutions as well as being a good place to have a workshop or games area. The main downside of having an outdoor garage or shed is that they can often get easily broken into. Outside structures are usually the first place a burglar... Read More

Top 5 Security Tips Before You Go On Holiday

Deterring burglars can be a hassle at the best of times but it can be even more stressful when you are on holiday. Leaving your house empty doesn’t always mean a free for all for the local burglars, if you follow a few easy steps as well as using your common sense your property will be safe and secure. Before You Go…. DO NOT advertise your whereabouts on your social media channels. It’s always very tempting to let your friends or followers know what you’re up to but when it... Read More

How To Fit Your Patlock

As stated in our previous post HERE the Patlock for French doors is an excellent addition to your back door home security. The beauty of it is is that it not only does its job of shutting down any attempt at forced entry but it acts as a visual deterrent also. Just the fact that you might have this on your French door handles is enough to make a burglar move on to the next house. Easy Fit First and foremost, it is important that the black and yellow Patlock... Read More

How To Secure Your French Doors

French doors can be visually stunning, giving you a great focal point which lets in light and leads into your back garden. However, many of you with French doors and conservatories will know how vulnerable they are. Most burglars gain entry to a property via a front or back door – as most people prioritise their front facing door the back door access point can be neglected sometimes. See our blog on THE BEST WAYS TO SECURE 5 DOORS IN YOUR HOME Solutions  As conservatories and French doors are mainly made... Read More