August 2018

Tip Of The Week: Measuring your uPVC Door Handles

We like giving out useful information as much as possible here at Home Secure. We think DIY jobs no matter whether you are a professional or not should be made as simple as possible. So, with that being said, here’s our Tip Of The Week to help you measure your uPVC door handles. To make sure you’re choosing the right replacement uPVC door handle read this article on How To Identify Your uPVC Door Handles Measuring Your Door uPVC Door Handles in 3 Easy Steps As the diagram indicates the... Read More

Where To Place Your House Door Numbers

Door numbers for your house can come in an array of shapes, sizes, colours and materials. You could have it painted on wood, engraved in slate, not to mention other options such as acrylic, ceramic, even a sticker. Whether you choose one of these options or something more traditional like a brass or chrome option the important thing to know is where to place them. The Importance Of House Numbers House numbers are not just for decoration, they are a functional necessity. They are there to differentiate yours and your... Read More

How One Trick Can Save You £100’s On Energy Bills

Do your energy bills keep going up? Do you see condensation or wet patches around your window or door panes? Do you feel a draught around your window or door frames? If you answer YES to all of the above then the good thing is that one or two minor changes to your current window or door will remedy the situation instantly. A couple of cheap purchases can eventually end up saving you £100’s! How To Check Firstly, you will know yourself whether your house feels draughty or not. To identify... Read More