January 2019


Is a Caregiver Stealing From Your Elderly Relative?

Modern living sometimes means that you can no longer solely care for your elderly loved one. Careers, children and everyday life can get in the way of you caring for your vulnerable mother or father. The solution to this common problem is to to hire in house help from a home care company which will give you peace of mind and keep your elderly relative at home and somewhat independent. Trust It can be hard at first to let people outside of the immediate family care for your elderly relative,... Read More


Why You Should Mark Your Property

When a burglar enters your property they are generally on the lookout for easy to find valuable items that are effortlessly transportable and can be immediately sold on. The holy grail of stolen loot is of course money, with jewellery being a close second. Portable electrical goods are also sought after by burglars as they can easily be sold on for a decent profit. When it comes to things like digital tablets, laptops, smartphones etc you can take pro active preventative measures to make sure that you can get your... Read More


How to Disguise Your Indoor Security Cameras

Indoor security cameras are integral in the fight against crime and burglary. If you are a victim of burglary an indoor camera might be the only tool that can give you the justice you deserve. Your items may never be recovered but a recording of the criminal in action will supply the courts with the necessary evidence to prosecute said criminal. Crime Prevention Firstly, outdoor CCTV security cameras are a visual deterrent. In fact, 60% of ex burglars claim that they would consider the presence of a security camera when... Read More

5 Stress Free Hacks To Baby Proof Your Home

You’ve spent months getting the baby’s room ready, you’ve painted it to perfection and stencilled huge images of Peppa Pig on the bedroom wall. It’s a safe cocoon like space that your new arrival can happily play in and be loved. A new addition to the family also means a lot of investment in the necessities such as prams, cots, clothes etc. With all the excitement it can be difficult to see one or two blind spots that can be lurking throughout your home. The Stats Those most at risk... Read More

The Advantages of Having uPVC Windows and Doors

Tradesmen, builders and customers all want the same thing when it comes to their windows and doors. They want durability, low cost, decent security and low maintenance. Furthermore, when it comes to glazers or joiners they want a material they can work with that is easily installed.  uPVC fittings and fixtures tick all these boxes which is why it is the number one material used on windows and doors throughout the UK. Benefits First and foremost it is of paramount importance to have a certain level of security when it... Read More

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The Perfect Security Device For Your Doors

The two main devices that keep your front door secured are the uPVC multipoint lock that runs down the door frame and the euro cylinder that fits through your door which you operate with a key. These two essential security door locks are the basis for your door security. If these two elements are of sufficient quality then you have a pretty good anti-burglar door. There are however small added extras you can install that will come to your rescue if someone does bypass your uPVC locks. Sash Jammers Sash... Read More


UK Saw a Rise in Overall Theft in 2018

Crimes such as burglary and theft in general usually get reported accurately. These types of offences are well reported by the public and the police leading to very accurate statistics. Crime stats in England and Wales have shown that there has been an overall increase in thefts in 2018. This goes against the accepted long term trend that theft has been in decline over the last decade. Reasons Cuts to police forces up and down the country has seen a spike in unsolved thefts. Unfortunately, many other crimes have saw... Read More

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Internal Door Lock Types

Door locks are essential for all external doors. Whether they be uPVC euro cylinders or multipoint gearbox mechanisms they are your first line of defence when it comes to home security. The higher quality your door locks the more secure your home will be. With that being said, door locks are an integral part of your whole property. Interior door locks may not act as security features but they still do an important job. Internal Doors Each of your interior doors have a function throughout your home. They add to the... Read More


Top 10 Safest UK Postcodes

MoneySuperMarket Survey An interesting recent survey from the price comparison site has revealed the postcodes in the UK with the lowest levels of theft. They analysed home insurance claims throughout the UK and as you can see in our infographic we’ve decided to highlight the T0p 10 safest UK postcodes in regards to burglary and theft. Do you live in one of these areas? If you are fortunate enough to live in one of these postcode areas then congratulations! Especially those who live in the number one spot of... Read More