February 2019

How To Successfully Clean Your Windows

Windows are an important part of every home. They are elegant and beautifully designed, allowing light to pass through our homes, illuminating whatever’s inside. They act as a natural light source whilst maintaining our security and providing us with warmth and ventilation. As they are outfacing they can collect a lot of dirt and grime; unless treated and maintained properly they can begin to look tacky & unkempt. Interior Windows It is by no means a glamorous job but cleaning your windows is a necessary evil. Gleaming windows give a certain... Read More


How To Reduce False Alarms In The Home

A home security alarm system is shown to decrease the likelihood of a break in on your property. Burglars choose the path of least resistance and so security measures such as CCTV, security lights, burglar alarms etc all work in tandem to keep your property safe. Burglar alarms alert your neighbours and local police force that your home has been breached, reducing the risk of further damage. Whilst this is a good thing it can be frustrating when your security alarm is set off accidentally. Reasons Although it may be... Read More

Keep Your Tools Safe: Van Security

Tradesmen everywhere rely on their tools, without them their livelihood can be affected. Builders, joiners, electricians, painters and decorators etc usually store expensive tools in their vans overnight. Unfortunately, determined thieves have found many ways to break into vans that leave them empty of tools and requiring expensive repair work. Over Half Affected Although an expensive nuisance big construction companies may have the means to instantly replace their stolen equipment, smaller companies or sole tradesmen seldom have that luxury. In fact, research has found that over half (51%) of builders... Read More

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5 Security Mistakes All Homeowners Should Avoid

Whether you are a first time buyer, a serial renter or have lived in the same house all of your life there are a few common mistakes that you could be inadvertently making. No matter what kind of property you live in home security is an issue that affects us all. Avoid The Mistakes Do not hide your house keys outside your property. Professional burglars have seen and done it all, they often know your security measures better than you do. Many people think that hiding a key under a... Read More


Are You Too Trusting With Your Security?

Brits have a reputation for being very trusting people. We like to help people as much as we can and take people at their face value. These are good traits to have but there are people out there who will take advantage of these positive human qualities. Here’s some tips from Home Secure to keep you on your toes. Home Security It’s hard to believe but a survey commissioned several years ago found that only four out of ten householders lock their doors when they leave the house. Nearly half... Read More