May 2019

Is Your Keyless Car Secure?

Car theft insurance payouts are currently at a 7 year high. Not since 2012 has initial quarterly year claims been so prevalent. Car insurance claims from January-March 2019 have been the highest single quarter since 2012. In fact, a payout is made every 8 minutes in Britain according to the Association of British Insurers (ABI). Worrying Trend Unfortunately for motorists up and down the country a lot of newly manufactured cars have been deemed ‘poor’ in terms of their security. Thatcham Research have created a ratings system for consumers so they... Read More

Is Alexa Good For Home Security?

The rise of home automation has brought with it some fascinating tools that aid modern living. Amazon’s Alexa  is a voice automated digital assistant that compliments the growing trend of smart home automation. It fits seamlessly with other ‘internet of things’ devices and responds to voice commands. Homeowner’s can use it to get information, play music, order a takeout or control the temperature of their home. The Amazon Alexa device has been shown to be endlessly entertaining, but, is it good for home security? Skills Amazon have christened the many... Read More

How To Prevent Messy DIY Jobs

Here at Home Secure we’re all for getting stuck in to some worthwhile DIY housework. Painting, repairing, cleaning, fixing are all par for the course for thrifty homeowners. Not only will it give you a sense of pride in your home but it will save you some money also. However, most jobs can be an extremely messy affair, take the necessary steps to keep you home spick and span. Professionals First and foremost it’s important to categorise certain DIY projects. Jobs that involve plumbing and electrical work will require the... Read More

How To Easily Secure Your Sliding Patio Doors

Natural light is an important component of modern housing. The more light sources your property has the more desirable it will be. Features like sliding patio doors can add beauty and natural sunlight to your property as well as giving you great views of your garden. However, you may have to take some necessary steps to make sure your sliding doors are extra secure. Reinforce The glass on your patio sliding doors could well be the weakest part. Glass is breakable and therefore is vulnerable to attacks. Furthermore, it’s like... Read More

The Changing Face Of Crime

Crime is constantly evolving. Although traditional crimes such as burglary and fraud continue to thrive in modern Britain there has been an exponential growth in so called organised crime. Criminal gangs have been found to be operating in Britain unrestricted. So much so the National Crime Agency has warned the Government they would need to spend approximately £3 billion in order to get a grip on the problem. What’s The Problem Deep Web Recent statistics have shown seismic growth in organised crime as well as internet crime. The advent of... Read More

Beware Of Online Scammers

Not only do we communicate with each other using social media but we engage in commerce also. Online social media businesses are popping up everywhere whether it be Facebook or instagram. People offering services or products online is big business these days. On the whole most do an excellent job but it is important to beware of online scammers. According to Action Fraud between October 2017 and March 2018 £706 million was lost by victims. Scams To Avoid Ghost Broking Car insurance scams are on the rise in the UK. A... Read More

How To Make Your Home More Energy Efficient

Climate change is a hot button topic for everyone these days. It affects every nation and requires a huge overhaul of the way we live to reverse the damage humans have already done to the planet. Easter Bank holiday saw thousands of people descend on Parliament to engage in peaceful protests to try and force the government into action. The disruption caused by ‘Extinction Rebellion’ may not have garnered sympathy towards them or their cause but the question remains for people up and down the country and worldwide, how do... Read More

Home Improvements That Add Value to Your Property

The UK housing market seems to be in a slump at the moment. House prices are down due to the ongoing Brexit saga making it increasingly difficult for people to get the right price for their property. As it isn’t a sellers market at the moment there are ways to add value to your property to get the correct asking price for your home. Even if you aren’t selling your home it’s always good to know how to save money when you are renovating it. Do It Yourself You’ve bought... Read More

Make Your Home More Pet Friendly

In the words of Ghandi “The greatness of a nation can be judged by the way its animals are treated”. Great Britain is an animal loving nation. More specifically, Brits are pet lovers. Dogs, cats, budgies, fish etc are treated like royalty and bring joy to households up and down the country. It’s vital that you make your home as inhabitable as possible for them. House Plants Placing pretty plants around your home or flat will definitely add beauty to your living spaces. However, if you have pets it could be deadly.... Read More