June 2019

7 Summer Safety Tips For Your Garden BBQ

Summer is officially here. Nevertheless, Britain does seem to have a love/hate relationship with the Summer months as they can often become a wash out. However, if that elusive sunshine starts blazing down on us why not venture out into the garden and start up that barbecue. Of course, here at Home Secure we have a few tips for you to keep yourself safe whilst you enjoy that tasty BBQ burger! Playing With Fire Anything that involves fire and gas is a recipe for disaster. It has been shown that... Read More

Would You Risk Your Life For A Selfie?

Do you live for likes? Are you a social media darling? Are you constantly searching for that perfect selfie? If you answered yes to all three questions then I’m sure you will not be in the minority. Modern life has turned each and every one of us into potential online superstars. A few eye catching pics and before you know it your a media sensation. However, did you know that over 250 deaths (and counting) have been attributed to ‘extreme selfies’ – the pursuit by individuals to photograph themselves in... Read More

The Best Traditional Security Upgrades

As we have discussed in previous posts smart home security solutions have their pros and cons. Having a smart home can be cool and convenient, letting you monitor your property at the touch of a button. On the other hand, the market for smart devices is generally unregulated and leaves homeowners at the mercy of cyber hackers. With that being said, traditional security solutions should be your priority for the time being when you are thinking of certain upgrades to your property. Door Locks. Smart locks may dominate the market... Read More

Should We Be Scared Of Smart Home Technology?

A lot of our customer’s are enquiring about smart home security solutions. A newer breed of homeowner want more from their security systems these days. Smart home technology is the new trend in town and a lot of people have jumped on the bandwagon already. But, is it all it’s cracked up to be? Will it replace current security solutions? More importantly, is it safe? Do People Trust Smart Tech? Many people have said it is not the cost of new smart home technology that is putting them off but... Read More

5 Cleaning Hacks To Crush Household Chores

As Spring leads gently into Summer many of us will be trying to get our houses in order. A lot of house renovation and cleaning get done in the Spring and Summer months. Some people may dread degreasing their over used oven or cleaning their streaky windows but a lot of people actually enjoy cleaning. Either way people lead busy lives and will want the jobs doing as quickly and stress free and possible. Relaxing It may sound shocking to some but a healthy proportion of homeowners view household chores... Read More

Protect Yourself From Holiday Booking Fraud

The Summer is just around the corner and many families will be planning their well earned Summer holiday. The sad reality however is that there are many fraudsters out there who are more than happy to rip you off. Holiday Fraudsters stole roughly £7 million from innocent holidaymakers in 2018; here’s some advice to make sure that number doesn’t increase in 2019. Holiday Scams Fraudsters offer deals that seem too good to be true, often targeting families who are visiting relatives in places such as Africa and the Indian Subcontinent.... Read More

What Is ‘Police Preferred Specification’?

Whether your local area is having a house building boom or city centre is thriving with new student accommodation one thing links all new buildings – They need to comply with the latest relevant security standards. Secured By Design is the police preferred specification when it comes to the integrity and security of a building. It denotes quality and the organisation works with construction companies and security firms to guarantee that homes and security products meet the latest standards. What Is Secured By Design? It is an organisation set up... Read More

Here’s How To Think Like A Burglar

The innocent amongst us will not want to have one single criminal thought; negativity should be avoided at all costs. However, every good homeowner worth their salt should tap into their dark side and have a mental check list of things to fall back on to thwart even the most dedicated of burglars. Getting into the mind of a criminal is not exactly a walk in the park, but, thinking like a burglar might just save you from becoming the victim of one. Difficulty Is Key Like most things in... Read More