July 2019

Is It Safe To Leave My Windows Open At Night?

The UK officially recorded one of its hottest days of all time on 25th July 2019, with temperatures reaching 38.1C. Unfortunately, whether you like it or not temperatures in the UK will continue to rise year on year. There are many ways to protect yourself from this excessive heat but we’ve been getting a few queries lately on whether it’s safe to leave your windows open at night. Sleep Deprivation In an unbearably hot climate staying cool can be almost impossible. Our bodies will react in certain ways when temperatures... Read More

Top 5 Home Security Tips From A Former Burglar

ITV’s This Morning isn’t just a throwaway magazine show that gives you gossip on the latest celebrity couples, it actually does a good job of giving worthwhile advice. A recent episode showcased a former burglar exposing some of the tricks of the burgling trade. It’s important to get insider tips when it comes to home security as you never know what new methods burglars are using. We’ve said this time and time again, always stay one, preferably two, steps ahead of the burglar. Tips From a Reformed Burglar A former... Read More

How To Keep Your Home Cool In The Summer

High temperatures can often become unbearable. Summer heat brings with it many pros and cons. The pros are that you can wander to the beach in shorts and flip flops and get the family round for a BBQ. The cons are that heat isn’t everyone’s friend, it can cause sun stroke, sickness and contribute to certain cancers. For those of us who do not do well in the sun we can always retreat to our house and hide away for a few days. However, we need to make sure the... Read More

Driveway Safety Tips

We all know how dangerous cars on the road can be. It has been reported that there were officially 1,770 reported road deaths in Great Britain for the year ending June 2018. These statistics may change year on year but it starkly shows us that there will be guaranteed deaths every year due to cars and other vehicles. Scarily still is the fact that you don’t have to be on a motorway or busy road to get into an accident, driveway accidents and deaths are the most tragic of occurrences... Read More

How To Stay Safe In The Sun

Summer holidays are here again and like us I’m sure you’ll be praying for sunshine and warm weather. On paper it sounds perfect but temperatures are rising year on year to somewhat dangerous levels. Young children and the elderly are most at risk from these sudden upswings in temperature. The rays from the sun are great for a few days on the beach but can be bad for your health in the long run. Effects Of The Sun Prolonged spells in the sun, protected or otherwise, can have a detrimental... Read More

What Happens To The Proceeds Of Crime?

Have you ever thought about what happens to the wealth criminals accumulate over the years after they’ve been caught? You may assume that the money taken from innocent victims never gets recovered or put back into society for good use, but you’d be wrong. The physical assets criminals purchase with their ill gotten money can be confiscated from them and used to fund good causes locally. For instance lavish items like sports cars, jewellery and gold watches which have been purchased by criminals can all be taken from them under... Read More

We Recommend These To Burglar Proof Any Kind Of Window

Windows have been a weakness on most buildings since modern house building began. A glass partition separating the outside world from the inside of your home has been a popular entry point for burglars for decades. The problem with modern housing is that windows are a key selling point regardless of their security qualities. Windows add decoration and act as cheap alternatives when heating or airing out your property. Windows Most modern day properties will either have timber, aluminium or uPVC style windows. There are pros and cons to all... Read More

How To Survive a Heatwave

Many people in the UK will be gearing up for their Summer holidays. Some will be going abroad but many will be staying in the UK for their holidays. So called ‘staycations’ are becoming increasingly popular with British holidaymakers. The good thing about ‘staycations’ of late is that the British weather has been rivalling that of the mediterranean. We have been enjoying a lot of hot weather with temperatures hitting the 30’s. However, not everyone will be enjoying these high temperatures. It seems like these freak weather conditions are going... Read More

How Windows Can Help You Stay Healthy

We all know about the dangers of outdoor pollution. Fuel from gas guzzling cars and huge factories are taking an immense toll on our environment. Climate change is at the forefront of political debate and not only is the planet suffering but populations around the world are also. Did you know that 9 out of 10 people around the world breathe polluted air? Outdoor pollution is an existential threat to humanity. But what about indoor pollution? Studies have shown that indoor pollution is just as dangerous to our health, especially... Read More