August 2019

Top Home Security Methods Whilst You’re on Holiday

Home security is unavoidable no matter where you live. Protecting your property from unscrupulous burglars is something every homeowner must take into consideration year in year out. There isn’t one solution, one size does not fit all when it comes to home security. This is especially true when you go away on holiday. Burglars will target empty homes and research properties where the occupants might be on holiday. So, with that being said, what do British homeowners spend their money on when it comes to home security solutions whilst they... Read More

What Are the Costs of Smart Home Security

Unfortunately many people aren’t in a position to splash thousands of pounds on a brand new home security system. Although every house should have a decent layer of security a lot of people cannot afford all the latest smart tech security gadgets that are meant to help you protect your home. Traditional security measures are still the go to option for most homeowners. Anti pick door locks, window locks, security lights are highly effective whilst being low maintenance. Smart home security is the new emerging trend on the market. Costs... Read More

Are You Meeting the 5 Welfare Needs For Your Pet?

Are you an animal lover? Do you spoil your pets? Do you consider them a part of the family? Chances are you’ve said yes to all of these questions. A lot of us own at least one pet. According to the PDSA 49% of adults in the UK own a pet, almost half the population. It’s important to identify what our pets need from us in order for them to thrive and live happy and healthy lives. There’s no point having pets if you don’t put their needs first. The... Read More

3 Important Steps To Protect Your Privacy

Most people these days will invest in the latest gadgets and gizmos if it means they will aid in their home security. Technology has rapidly advanced over the last decade making home tech not only desirable but very cost effective. New tech devices that come to market these days tend to be aimed at the average family and are very affordable. Smart devices have crossed over into the mainstream and offer us a glimpse into the future when it comes to home automation. However, is this necessarily a good thing?... Read More

Is Your Home Age Friendly?

When people reach a certain age they don’t want the hassle of downsizing to another property. A good proportion of elderly people want to stay in the house they’ve lived in for years and may be reluctant to admit themselves to a care home. People of retirement age need only make a few changes to their current property to make it safe and accessible for them in their twilight years. Accessibility One of the main worries facing older people these days is that they can’t get around like they used... Read More

Top Tips To Prevent Convenience Store Crime

We all know someone who’s been the victim of a burglary. The good thing is that it might happen just once in a lifetime. However, convenience store owners might be the victim of theft every month, in some cases every week. The disheartening part of this crime is that someone may be the victim of violence and intimidation just for trying to earn a living. To compound this even further, data suggests that 95% of burglaries and robberies are not solved. Corner Shop Crime Most local or corner shops provide... Read More

3 Quick Tips From Our Security Experts

Over the years we have picked up some useful tips on our home security journey. It’s an evolving problem we all face in Britain –  how to successfully protect our homes from burglars. Like most people out there we have made mistakes and continue to learn from them. But, we have worked with some great professionals over the years who have given us useful insights when it comes to home security. 1. Get the Professionals in We have lost count of all the jobs we’ve had to put right over... Read More