3 Quick Tips From Our Security Experts

Over the years we have picked up some useful tips on our home security journey. It’s an evolving problem we all face in Britain –  how to successfully protect our homes from burglars. Like most people out there we have made mistakes and continue to learn from them. But, we have worked with some great professionals over the years who have given us useful insights when it comes to home security.

1. Get the Professionals in

Over 30 years of home security experience

We have lost count of all the jobs we’ve had to put right over the last decade. Shoddy workmanship not only renders home security solutions like locks useless but it costs more money when you decide to fix it. We all have a friend of a friend or a family member who’s willing to help out and fit a letterbox or install a new door lock but resist the urge. Search for a locally trusted skilled professional to do work on your home, especially if its security related.

2. Upgrade

A lot of house burglaries we’ve attended after the fact usually have one thing in common, they had old or faulty hardware. It’s imperative that you check for the first sign of weakness in your window and door hardware. A worn down lock or faulty door handle springs are what a burglar is looking for. Whilst you should get a good few years out of things like door locks and window hinges they will not last forever. Replace them as soon as they start to fail.

Make sure you have measured your locks correctly so they will fit perfectly into your door. View out advice on How To Measure Your Euro Cylinder Lock.

3. It’s All About Perception

You need to let the burglar know that you are security conscious and you’ll always be one step ahead. Burglars are looking for houses that look like they can be easily broken into. An unkempt garden with an open gate or a dirty front door with a faulty letterbox screams to the burglar that the owner doesn’t really care. He’ll think that if you have put no effort into the basics then you’re most likely to not be on the ball when it comes to your home security. A well maintained home with visible deterrents should be your first line of defence against burglars.

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