5 Cleaning Hacks To Crush Household Chores

As Spring leads gently into Summer many of us will be trying to get our houses in order. A lot of house renovation and cleaning get done in the Spring and Summer months. Some people may dread degreasing their over used oven or cleaning their streaky windows but a lot of people actually enjoy cleaning. Either way people lead busy lives and will want the jobs doing as quickly and stress free and possible.


It may sound shocking to some but a healthy proportion of homeowners view household chores as being somewhat relaxing. By cleaning the environment we live in it not only declutters our surroundings but it declutters our minds also. Chores like hoovering and ironing can actually help people relax and can improve mental health.

For those of us that don’t enjoy the menial tasks involved in housework and can’t afford a cleaner then here are some quick tips to help you on your Spring cleaning adventure –  Some will even assist your overall home security.

Top Tips

Bond it cream cleaner for uPVC windows

  1. Do you have indoor security cameras? Bullet cams and video doorbells are a great addition to your overall home security system. However, check them for any build up of dust or cobwebs, you don’t want to have any obstacles or dirt on the lenses. Same goes for PIR motion sensors. Switch off your camera before cleaning and if possible just blow away cobwebs or dust.
  2. Windows need a bit of love and attention every few weeks depending on the season. If you don’t have a regular window cleaner then invest in some quality professional cream cleaners for glass and uPVC. The better grade the cleaner the quicker and more successful the job will be. Read out guide on how to successfully clean your windows.
  3. Instead of spending hours on your knees scrubbing the inside of your oven simply mix white wine vinegar and baking soda into a paste, spread over the oven’s glass door and the inside of the oven, leave it overnight and wipe clean the next day.
  4. Some pruning and garden work may not be everyone’s cup of tea but it will aid in your home security. A well maintained garden gives the impression that someone takes pride in their home and eliminates any hiding places for vandals and burglars.
  5. Why not get tech to do it? Smart homes are making life a lot easier for the modern homeowner. Household chores could soon be a thing of the past with the help of automated technology. You can get smart devices that will mow your lawn and even fold your laundry.

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