5 Security Mistakes All Homeowners Should Avoid

Whether you are a first time buyer, a serial renter or have lived in the same house all of your life there are a few common mistakes that you could be inadvertently making. No matter what kind of property you live in home security is an issue that affects us all.

Avoid The Mistakes

  1. Do not hide your house keys outside your property. Professional burglars have seen and done it all, they often know your security measures better than you do. Many people think that hiding a key under a welcome mat is a secure way of keeping their property safe – WRONG! Do not place your spare house keys underneath garden gnomes, car tyres, plant pots, bins etc. Don’t make it easy for criminals! Instead, if you need to have a spare key situated outside for any visitors or people coming in late then install a high security key safe.
  2. A lot of people think that crimes like burglary only happen in the populated inner cities or city centre’s. Do not be fooled. Just because you live in an upmarket environment surrounded by expensive homes where everybody knows your name it doesn’t mean you are immune from burglary. Burglars travel far and wide from where they live to burgle houses. They target ‘nice neighbourhoods’ with the best cars as they know they will be able to steal expensive sought after items. Give your property a thorough security check and if necessary install anti burglar lights and think about an alarm system.
  3. A lot of people may have burglar alarms but many don’t even use them! The good thing about having a visible burglar alarm is that it deters burglars from even attempting to break into your property. Furthermore, insurance companies look favourably on those who have a well maintained and active security alarm, some even give discounts to those that have them installed. It could affect your insurance claim if you don’t regularly set your security alarm. Get into the habit of switching it on and keep it in a useable state.
  4. Check to see if your window and door fittings are energy efficient. Regardless of how long you’ve lived somewhere it’s always a good idea to give your property a once-over. Energy costs can eat into your budget, especially during Winter time. You may already have double glazing but check the areas around your window and door frames to see if any heat is escaping, think about replacing the rubber gasket. Old windows and doors that haven’t been replaced in a while are easier to break into.
  5. Speaking of windows and doors a lot of people think that they will last forever. The windows and doors themselves could last up to 20 or 30 years but the furniture on them will not. If your door handles or window handles are looking limp and weather beaten then it could be time for an upgrade. 74% of burglars break in via the front door! Upgrade your cylinder door locks so that they comply to British Standard BS3621. These are not only the most secure on the market but home insurance companies insist upon them. Check to see if your door locks are kite marked and if necessary replace them with a more highly secure version from brands such as Avocet, Yale, Ultion etc.

If you have lost your keys or had them stolen recently then replace them immediately. If necessary replace your lock also if the keys have been stolen.

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