5 Stress Free Hacks To Baby Proof Your Home

You’ve spent months getting the baby’s room ready, you’ve painted it to perfection and stencilled huge images of Peppa Pig on the bedroom wall. It’s a safe cocoon like space that your new arrival can happily play in and be loved. A new addition to the family also means a lot of investment in the necessities such as prams, cots, clothes etc. With all the excitement it can be difficult to see one or two blind spots that can be lurking throughout your home.

The Stats

Those most at risk at being injured at home are children in the 0-4 years category. Children develop at different rates but they are all vulnerable to everyday dangers within the home. It has been shown that the largest number of accidents happen in the living room, however, the most dangerous accidents happen in the kitchen and on the stairs. Each year 67,000 children have an accident in the kitchen and 58,000 have accidents on the stairs.

Avoid Accidents

Young children have no concept of danger. Their small stature and inquisitive nature make them especially vulnerable. There are obvious preventative measures you can take to keep your child out of harm’s reach such as not leaving them alone on a raised worktop or leaving a hot drink out in front of them. Managed supervision is a great tactic, you want you’re baby to be free to explore but you don’t want to smother them either. 

  1. Research has shown that falls are the most common type of accident in the home. Don’t leave your baby on a raised platform where they may roll off – ie, when you’re changing their nappy on the bed. When babies begin to walk do not leave windows or doors open. Install child safety window restrictor locks to keep them safe. Keep furniture or items they can climb up away from your internal windows. It has been revealed that over 4,000 children under the age of 15 fall out of windows every year. Look out for sharp corners on the edge of tables and cover them up as best you can.
  2. To prevent your child wandering out into your front or back garden make sure you have the necessary door locks installed to make it impossible. If they do venture out into the yard a high security magnetic gate lock is a significant deterrent. Fit safety gates at the top and bottom of your staircase.
  3. Small fingers can easily be injured and in some cases crushed. Give your home a thorough inspection before you let your little ones start roaming. Children need a play area where they can interact with their environment without feeling inhibited or scared. Look for gaps in doorways or drawers where they can trap their fingers and remedy this by installing child friendly finger guards and door stoppers.
  4. Burns and scalds are a major cause of child injury in the home. DO NOT leave hot beverages on worktops or in an area where a child can reach it. If you are a smoker then always smoke outside, second hand smoke can affect your children in later life. Keep matches, cigarette lighters, curling tongues, hot irons away from children and install a quality smoke detector alarm.
  5. Babies love examining things and tasting them to see what they’re made of. This can lead to choking and strangulation. Keep small hard food items like peanuts or boiled sweets away from them and make sure you have age appropriate toys for your child, try and avoid battery operated toys for those that are very young. Furthermore, DO NOT leave loose chords on show like drawstring bags or blind chords on windows.

There are many ways to prevent injuries and protect your child in the home. The nature of growing up is that you learn by experience. Don’t stifle your child’s development, if they hurt themselves then comfort them. If necessary then phone the emergency services immediately but realise that getting into accidents is part of a baby’s journey and so don’t panic.


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