6 Handy Ways to Secure Your Home This Spring

Burglars and opportunistic thieves seem to come out of the woodwork when Spring has sprung. They appear when the sun is shining and take advantage of people’s laid back attitude; unlocked doors and open windows are what these opportunistic criminals are looking for.

Stay Safe Whilst Sunbathing

The sun and warm weather in general are major pull factors for people to leave their homes. The hot weather brings with it home security risks. Simple pleasures such as sunbathing are fraught with unwanted dangers.

  • If you are venturing out in your back or front garden to sunbathe then just make sure all your doors and windows are locked. If you are in your back garden sunbathing then lock your front facing windows, and vice versa if you are sunbathing in your front garden. Same advice goes if you are having a BBQ or doing any other activities outside. Window restrictors are a great way of airing your home whilst maintaining optimum security.
  • If you have small children then keep an extra eye on them whilst the sun is out. Make sure they have the necessary sunscreen. Spend time in the shade when the sun is strongest. In the UK, this is between 11am and 3pm from March to October. Use SPF15 and upwards. Here’s an NHS guide on How to Treat Sunburn
  • Distraction burglary is on the increase in the Spring and Summer months. Do not be fooled by strangers knocking at your door posing as builders/tradesmen etc. If you haven’t scheduled them to be there then simply refuse their service and close the door. Install CCTV cameras on the front and back of your house so you have all your bases covered if you get distracted by a criminal.
  • The most popular and pro-active security advice we give our customers is to upgrade their door locks. If you have uPVC doors front and back then make sure they pass the latest quality standards. Install euro cylinder locks that have achieved a 3 star rating (TS 007). Make sure you have measured the lock correctly before installation. Check out our post on how to measure your euro cylinder lock.
  • If you have patio doors then secure them as best you can. Do not leave any valuable items on display, the window panes of your patio doors can become a shop window for passing burglars. Make sure your patio door is in full working order and think about investing in retrofit devices such as the highly secure Patlock.
  • Whilst the sun is shining it might be time to give your hedges and lawn a haircut. Overgrown hedges can be used to the burglars advantage. They can simply hide away whilst they are sneaking around your property. A tidy and well maintained garden gives the impression that someone is home. It also shows that that person takes pride in their property and will probably have decent security measures also. Criminals are looking for the path of least resistance.

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