7 Clever DIY Tips For People With Arthritis

Living alone whilst having a disability or simply being a certain age can be somewhat daunting. Elderly relatives become less mobile and the day to day activities of everyday life can seem unbearable. It is important to recognise that a person’s home should be tailor made around them to make life more manageable, a poorly maintained home can easily become a prison. If you have elderly family members or friend’s with ailments/ severe conditions then think about enhancing their surroundings with some DIY quick fixes.

Making Life Easier

Take a look around yours or a relatives’s home to see if you can improve yours or theirs everyday experience. Independence is key for those who want to live a long and happy life.

Growing older brings with it many ailments. Body parts can break down and everyday tasks can become impossible. A common condition that affects more than 10 million of us is arthritis.

Top Tips

  1. Gripping objects can be painful when you have arthritis. Try and elongate your taps and door handles to make them easier to grip.
  2. Getting into your property can be a struggle if you have trouble with your hands and joints. Attach a key turner aid to your house keys to make it simple to unlock your front door.
  3. Use a long handled tool to pick up things that may be out of your reach or on the floor. Find one with a grabber/ pick up device on the end for extra help.
  4. Install electrical 24 hour segment timers that eliminate the arduous task of switching on appliances or lights in hard to reach places.
  5. Bending down to grip wafer thin letters and leaflets that have been posted through your letterbox can be time consuming, especially for those living with a disability. Attach a cage or letterbox bag to your internal letterbox to catch your mail when it is posted.
  6. Portable remote controls allow the elderly or someone with a disability the freedom to control their surroundings. Great for TV sockets and lighting devices.
  7. Grab rails are ideal for getting in and out of the shower or bath. Combine it with a slip mat to reduce the risk of dangerous falls.

There are many ways to secure your home to make it more user friendly. Getting older and developing conditions such as arthritis should not deter you from living life to the fullest.

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