Are Key Safes Actually Safe?

There are many benefits to having a key safe installed on your property. For instance, an outdoor key safe eliminates the need to store spare keys under welcome mats or potted plants. If you have an elderly or sickly relative it allows immediate access to the property in time of an emergency.

But, we get asked all the time by our customers whether having a key safe is actually safe. It’s important to know what are the best practices when installing an outdoor key safe on your property.

Location is Key

Installing a key safe is relatively straight forward, a few screws and you’re good to go. Judging where you should attach your key safe is the real trick.

  • Do not put it in an area where it can be seen from the road. The less attention you bring to your key safe the more secure it will be.
  • Disguise it as best you can. Think about hiding it behind plants or on a wooden beam or awning that faces towards your home rather than the street.
  • Place it somewhere else besides right by your front door. The more hidden it is the less likely a burglar will be attracted to it. Place it on the side of your house or on a fence or gate.


We constantly advise our customers to opt for quality when it comes to home security. Whether it’s a euro cylinder lock or a smart home CCTV camera each security component adds to the overall protection of your home. Invest in key safes that are of high quality and if necessary are Police approved Secured by Design.


A lot of people will not benefit from installing an external key safe. However, for some it is an integral part of their everyday lives. Follow our top tips to keep your keys safe.

  • Be wary of who you give your key safe code to. Make sure they are a trusted member of the family or someone from emergency services, say a visiting nurse.
  • Speaking of codes, modern key safes allow thousands of numerical options. Take advantage of this security feature and regularly update your code to make it impossible to guess. However, make sure all the necessary parties have been informed whenever you decide to change your outdoor key safe code.
  • Opt for a combination key safe that allows 5 digit codes and upwards. The more digits a code has the more secure it is.

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