Benefits of Installing a Garage Door Lock

Good To Know:

Garages can quite often be an easy target for burglars as they are usually detached from a property or at least not in view.

Furthermore, garages are known to store some of your most valuable items – Cars, bikes, tools, electrical equipment etc. So its only right that you treat your garage door the same as you would your front door. Installing an extra secure garage door lock is the perfect solution to securing your garage and its belongings. A little bit of investment pays dividends when it comes to garage security.

Garage Security

Combining elite security with practical simplicity is what we’re all about here at Home Secure. Our garage door lock from ASEC provides rugged security that will deter any thief from attempting to access it. They can be used on all types of Up & Over or sectional garage doors of metal or wood construction. The bolts will suit doors of up to 38mm thick. The muscular bolts extend outward up to 70mm making the lock extremely secure.

The garage door lock is extremely easy to fit, everything is provided, you just need to drill the holes and away you go.

See our video below:

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