Door Cylinders

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6 Handy Ways to Secure Your Home This Spring

Burglars and opportunistic thieves seem to come out of the woodwork when Spring has sprung. They appear when the sun is shining and take advantage of people’s laid back attitude; unlocked doors and open windows are what these opportunistic criminals are looking for. Stay Safe Whilst Sunbathing The sun and warm weather in general are major pull factors for people to leave their homes. The hot weather brings with it home security risks. Simple pleasures such as sunbathing are fraught with unwanted dangers. If you are venturing out in your... Read More

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Protect Against Blowtorch Burglary

There has been an increase in the number of blowtorch burglaries. Criminals are using blowtorches to burn through uPVC doors around the lock, doing this allows them to then bend, snap or remove the lock and gain access to the property. With criminals constantly coming up with new methods to intrude your home, it is important to make sure that your lock is offering the most protection for your property. There are two nationally recognised standards for cylinder locks TS 007 (one star or three star) SS312 (Sold Secure Diamond... Read More

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Security Solutions For Every Type Of Door

Depending on the homeowner the entry door to a property can be everything from subtle to colourful, bold, wooden, metal, uPVC and so on and so on. The front door is the gateway to your home and so should represent your taste and style. Doors are not all uniform and so it is important to distinguish between them, security solutions for a wooden door may be slightly different compared to security solutions for a uPVC composite door. Doors with Glass Windows and glass panels fitted in a front door can... Read More


Are You Too Trusting With Your Security?

Brits have a reputation for being very trusting people. We like to help people as much as we can and take people at their face value. These are good traits to have but there are people out there who will take advantage of these positive human qualities. Here’s some tips from Home Secure to keep you on your toes. Home Security It’s hard to believe but a survey commissioned several years ago found that only four out of ten householders lock their doors when they leave the house. Nearly half... Read More

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What is a uPVC Multipoint Door Lock?

Door locks are an integral part of anyone’s home security. They are the first line of defence when it comes to protecting your property from intruders; the more door security you have the more safeguarded your property will be. Multipoint door locks are usually installed on uPVC composite doors and as the name suggests have multipoint locking points that all lock simultaneously when locked with a front door key. Multipoint Door Locks Multipoint door locks will usually have three locking points. It is placed in the door frame and grips... Read More

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ABS Euro Locks in Liverpool

Euro cylinder locks are the most common uPVC door locks. They are predominantly used throughout Europe, hence the name Euro lock. We stock many Euro cylinder locks from hardware security brands such as Yale, VERSA, UAP, Ultion as well as our own brand cylinder locks. The difficulty with some euro cylinders however is that they can be snapped, leaving your property at a disadvantage, that’s why we are proud to call ourselves an approved Avocet ABS Elite Centre. What’s an ABS Elite Centre? Avocet elite centre’s guarantee the customer the... Read More


Avocet ABS Locks Information

Here at Home Secure we are an approved Avocet ABS Elite Centre. This means our company has been vetted and approved to distribute Avocet products. We have fully trained staff and specialist on site equipment to build ABS locks. ABS locks are high security products so only use approved centres like ourselves or your home security will be at risk. There are three types in ABS euro cylinders. Each lock is supplied with three keys and a security card.: Euro (Key Both Sides) Euro (Key and Thumb Turn one side) Euro (Half, Key One Side) ABS... Read More


Euro Cylinder Lock Snapping – Home Secure Guide

If you have a traditional lock cylinder – like 90 per cent of other homeowners – then you may be vulnerable to intruders who are able to manipulate these security measures with minimum fuss. What is Lock Snapping? Lock snapping is simply the method of applying pressure to euro cylinder causing it to break in half. The break point is usually at the centre of the cylinder which has been found to be a weak point in these locks. It is also common practice for burglars to break off the... Read More