Door Handles

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Internal Door Lock Types

Door locks are essential for all external doors. Whether they be uPVC euro cylinders or multipoint gearbox mechanisms they are your first line of defence when it comes to home security. The higher quality your door locks the more secure your home will be. With that being said, door locks are an integral part of your whole property. Interior door locks may not act as security features but they still do an important job. Internal Doors Each of your interior doors have a function throughout your home. They add to the... Read More

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ABS Euro Locks in Liverpool

Euro cylinder locks are the most common uPVC door locks. They are predominantly used throughout Europe, hence the name Euro lock. We stock many Euro cylinder locks from hardware security brands such as Yale, VERSA, UAP, Ultion as well as our own brand cylinder locks. The difficulty with some euro cylinders however is that they can be snapped, leaving your property at a disadvantage, that’s why we are proud to call ourselves an approved Avocet ABS Elite Centre. What’s an ABS Elite Centre? Avocet elite centre’s guarantee the customer the... Read More

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How Long Do uPVC Door Handles Last?

Most people these days will have a uPVC door handle on at least one of their doors. Wether it be internal, external or front door, uPVC handles are the go to choice for homeowners who want quality at a reasonable price. They are easy to install and come in various finishes to match your decor wether it be black, chrome, brass etc. The nature of door handles in general means that they will not last forever – the question is though, how long should your uPVC door handles last? What... Read More

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Upgrading your door handles to match your décor

When decorating a room, it’s usually paint, wallpaper and furnishings that drown most of your thought and attention. Which is why it’s such a huge shame when, having spent so much time deliberating between roasted red and salsa  red, that the overall effect is ruined through the omission of small details, such as ‘Designer Interior Door Handles’. It’s often been said that small details make all the difference, tying a look together or providing that final polish. Among those often-overlooked small details are internal door handles. Probably viewed as a more... Read More