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Internal Door Lock Types

Door locks are essential for all external doors. Whether they be uPVC euro cylinders or multipoint gearbox mechanisms they are your first line of defence when it comes to home security. The higher quality your door locks the more secure your home will be. With that being said, door locks are an integral part of your whole property. Interior door locks may not act as security features but they still do an important job. Internal Doors Each of your interior doors have a function throughout your home. They add to the... Read More

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Security Tips For New Years Eve

The Christmas period and week leading into New Years can be the most precarious for homeowners. Homes are full of expensive items and a sense of festive well being can trick people into becoming lackadaisical when it comes to their home security. Unoccupied homes are a big attraction for opportunistic burglars on New Years Eve as they know a lot of people will be out celebrating at various New Years Eve parties. Unfortunately for homeowners homes on December 31st are 24% more likely to be broken into than on any other... Read More

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What is a uPVC Multipoint Door Lock?

Door locks are an integral part of anyone’s home security. They are the first line of defence when it comes to protecting your property from intruders; the more door security you have the more safeguarded your property will be. Multipoint door locks are usually installed on uPVC composite doors and as the name suggests have multipoint locking points that all lock simultaneously when locked with a front door key. Multipoint Door Locks Multipoint door locks will usually have three locking points. It is placed in the door frame and grips... Read More

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What Is An Espag Window Handle?

When looking for replacement window handles it is important to know what exact style you need. As most homes these days are built with uPVC windows and doors it is more than likely that you’ll be searching for uPVC window handles. You will either find cockspur window handles or espag window handles on most double glazed windows. Cockspur window handles are usually found on older style uPVC windows. How To Install uPVC Window Handles Espag Meaning Espag is short for espagnolette. It is a French term and refers to the... Read More

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ABS Euro Locks in Liverpool

Euro cylinder locks are the most common uPVC door locks. They are predominantly used throughout Europe, hence the name Euro lock. We stock many Euro cylinder locks from hardware security brands such as Yale, VERSA, UAP, Ultion as well as our own brand cylinder locks. The difficulty with some euro cylinders however is that they can be snapped, leaving your property at a disadvantage, that’s why we are proud to call ourselves an approved Avocet ABS Elite Centre. What’s an ABS Elite Centre? Avocet elite centre’s guarantee the customer the... Read More


uPVC Door Restrictor Stay Fitting Instructions

Door Restrictors for uPVC doors are great at limiting the opening of your door so it doesn’t continuously bang into things. A gust of wind or someone accidently slamming one of your doors can lead to excessive damage to the fixings that interact with the door and door frame, such as sill end caps, walls, radiators etc. By restricting the door opening to 90° the restrictor keeps the door frame away from any nearby objects whilst allowing full access to your property. What Doors Will They Work On? Door restrictors should be... Read More


Benefits of Installing a Garage Door Lock

Good To Know: Garages can quite often be an easy target for burglars as they are usually detached from a property or at least not in view. Furthermore, garages are known to store some of your most valuable items – Cars, bikes, tools, electrical equipment etc. So its only right that you treat your garage door the same as you would your front door. Installing an extra secure garage door lock is the perfect solution to securing your garage and its belongings. A little bit of investment pays dividends when... Read More

The best ways to secure 5 doors in your home

As homes have evolved, the number of options when it comes to doors and windows has increased and knowing how to keep your property secure is now more key than ever. Gone are the days when a simple lock or bolt will keep your belongings and your loved ones safe, and staying one step ahead of intruders is an ongoing challenge. Whether it’s in the kitchen, dining room or hall – here are a number of different ways of making your doors more secure. 1. Wooden Front Doors The standard... Read More