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UK Saw a Rise in Overall Theft in 2018

Crimes such as burglary and theft in general usually get reported accurately. These types of offences are well reported by the public and the police leading to very accurate statistics. Crime stats in England and Wales have shown that there has been an overall increase in thefts in 2018. This goes against the accepted long term trend that theft has been in decline over the last decade. Reasons Cuts to police forces up and down the country has seen a spike in unsolved thefts. Unfortunately, many other crimes have saw... Read More


Top 10 Safest UK Postcodes

MoneySuperMarket Survey An interesting recent survey from the price comparison site has revealed the postcodes in the UK with the lowest levels of theft. They analysed home insurance claims throughout the UK and as you can see in our infographic we’ve decided to highlight the T0p 10 safest UK postcodes in regards to burglary and theft. Do you live in one of these areas? If you are fortunate enough to live in one of these postcode areas then congratulations! Especially those who live in the number one spot of... Read More

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Security Tips For New Years Eve

The Christmas period and week leading into New Years can be the most precarious for homeowners. Homes are full of expensive items and a sense of festive well being can trick people into becoming lackadaisical when it comes to their home security. Unoccupied homes are a big attraction for opportunistic burglars on New Years Eve as they know a lot of people will be out celebrating at various New Years Eve parties. Unfortunately for homeowners homes on December 31st are 24% more likely to be broken into than on any other... Read More

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Upgrade Your Home Security For 2019

As one year ends another begins, 2019 is almost upon us. Home security is undergoing a technological revolution worldwide with smart home technology becoming more and more commonplace. Integrated wireless home security systems give you hi-tech modern security options such as sensors for windows and doors and burglar alarms at the touch of your fingertip. Smart Home Security What is smart home security? In a nutshell smart home security is a series of security devices that utilise the internet to operate. Smart home security systems can be put under the... Read More


12 Security Rules Of Christmas

Christmas comes but once a year and so to make sure you and your family have the best time make sure you have all of your security bases covered. The holiday season is a time for friends, family and gifts. Unfortunately, its these gifts that can be targeted by immoral opportunistic thieves. Stay Safe This Christmas There are many things that can go wrong over the festive period but just be vigilant and have a plan in your head to combat any situations that may go awry. Our 12 Security Rules... Read More

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7 Security Tips You Should Know

Crime affects us all, especially burglary. Everyone has either been the victim of a robbery or knows someone who’s had a personal item stolen from them. Building sites, offices, flats, homes, cars, garages are all prime targets for opportunistic thieves. Being alert and vigilant only gets you so far –  a quick run down of our top security tips will give you a head start on the burglars. Our Top 7 Security Tips 73% of burglars use the front door to enter a property. Check your front and back doors... Read More


How Many Dogs Are Stolen Each Year?

Getting burgled is a traumatic event no matter what is taken. Valuable items such as jewellery, money, televisions etc are all targeted by opportunistic burglars. However, there are some people out there with a more sinister motive when it comes to targeting your home, they don’t want your gold rings or expensive laptop, they want your pet. Dog Thefts Are On The Rise Unfortunately the majority of pets that are stolen each year are dogs. According to Direct Line Pet Insurance dog thefts are increasing year on year with last... Read More

5 Ways To Weatherproof Your Home

Just as Autumn is coming to a close Winter is beginning to creep upon us. Not only do the Winter months have celebrations such as Christmas but they can bring some nasty surprises. Bad weather such as snow, rain, the cold etc can affect your home so it is best to plan ahead to avoid any problems. TOP TIPS TO WEATHERPROOF YOUR HOME Check to see if there’s any cracks in your property.Look for cracks or gaps in brick, concrete, stone wood etc and get a filler or sealant to... Read More

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Ways To Prevent You And Your Home From Being Attacked

Upgrading your home’s security might only be a once a year endeavour. Different things throughout the year might trigger you to invest in some brand new home security. For instance, an increase in local burglaries in your area could trigger you to invest in some new anti snap locks or a home alarm system. However, not all crimes committed against your property is linked to burglary. Sometimes a home can be targeted for more sinister reasons, ie, in order to cause stress or damage to the occupant. Unfortunately, anti social... Read More

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Bonfire Night Safety Tips

The old maxim of ‘don’t play with fire’ gets thrown out of the window every year on November 5th. For November 5th is Bonfire Night, and this is the one day of the year when you can literally play with fire! Bonfires, fireworks and sparklers are part and parcel of the yearly Bonfire Night celebrations. Done correctly and safely they can add fun and spectacle to you and your families celebrations. However, if done incorrectly or in the wrong environment the results can be catastrophic. The Dangers Of Bonfire Night... Read More