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Top 5 Best Security Items For Under £10

You’ve upgraded your burglar alarm system, overhauled your CCTV cameras and replaced those old euro cylinder locks, your home is an anti-burglar paradise. However, we often get questions here at Home Secure about how to add inexpensive security items to a property that are effective and won’t break the bank. Our Top 5 5.  There is no easy solution to the recent spike in violent crime, specifically knife crime. The UK government has cut its policing budget over the last few years and so it seems like a layer of... Read More

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The Perfect Security Device For Your Doors

The two main devices that keep your front door secured are the uPVC multipoint lock that runs down the door frame and the euro cylinder that fits through your door which you operate with a key. These two essential security door locks are the basis for your door security. If these two elements are of sufficient quality then you have a pretty good anti-burglar door. There are however small added extras you can install that will come to your rescue if someone does bypass your uPVC locks. Sash Jammers Sash... Read More

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How To Prevent Letterbox Burglary

Securing your front door is of paramount importance when it comes to home security. Stats continue to show that burglars favour breaking in via the front door when committing their crimes, 34% to be precise. A strong door as well as strong reliable locks are obvious solutions when securing your front door. However, a lot of people take their door letterbox for granted. It is an important factor when thinking about your home security. Burglary Prevention Letterboxes are a necessary component of all houses, they allow us to receive our... Read More

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Guide To Window Furniture

Windows are an integral feature of most buildings, whether it be a house, a flat or an office block. They let in sunlight and are great at ventilating your home, flat or office, allowing you to breathe in more fresh air. They also secure your property and if double glazed keep out unwanted noises. Window Handles The type of window handle you need will depend on what material your windows are made out of. For instance, timber window frames will need different handles than uPVC window frames. It also depends... Read More

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Ways To Prevent You And Your Home From Being Attacked

Upgrading your home’s security might only be a once a year endeavour. Different things throughout the year might trigger you to invest in some brand new home security. For instance, an increase in local burglaries in your area could trigger you to invest in some new anti snap locks or a home alarm system. However, not all crimes committed against your property is linked to burglary. Sometimes a home can be targeted for more sinister reasons, ie, in order to cause stress or damage to the occupant. Unfortunately, anti social... Read More


uPVC Door Restrictor Stay Fitting Instructions

Door Restrictors for uPVC doors are great at limiting the opening of your door so it doesn’t continuously bang into things. A gust of wind or someone accidently slamming one of your doors can lead to excessive damage to the fixings that interact with the door and door frame, such as sill end caps, walls, radiators etc. By restricting the door opening to 90° the restrictor keeps the door frame away from any nearby objects whilst allowing full access to your property. What Doors Will They Work On? Door restrictors should be... Read More