5 Stress Free Hacks To Baby Proof Your Home

You’ve spent months getting the baby’s room ready, you’ve painted it to perfection and stencilled huge images of Peppa Pig on the bedroom wall. It’s a safe cocoon like space that your new arrival can happily play in and be loved. A new addition to the family also means a lot of investment in the necessities such as prams, cots, clothes etc. With all the excitement it can be difficult to see one or two blind spots that can be lurking throughout your home. The Stats Those most at risk... Read More

The Advantages of Having uPVC Windows and Doors

Tradesmen, builders and customers all want the same thing when it comes to their windows and doors. They want durability, low cost, decent security and low maintenance. Furthermore, when it comes to glazers or joiners they want a material they can work with that is easily installed.  uPVC fittings and fixtures tick all these boxes which is why it is the number one material used on windows and doors throughout the UK. Benefits First and foremost it is of paramount importance to have a certain level of security when it... Read More

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Upgrade Your Home Security For 2019

As one year ends another begins, 2019 is almost upon us. Home security is undergoing a technological revolution worldwide with smart home technology becoming more and more commonplace. Integrated wireless home security systems give you hi-tech modern security options such as sensors for windows and doors and burglar alarms at the touch of your fingertip. Smart Home Security What is smart home security? In a nutshell smart home security is a series of security devices that utilise the internet to operate. Smart home security systems can be put under the... Read More


How To Protect Your Shed From Burglars

Shed security should be high up on your list of priorities. Obviously, your house takes precedent over everything else when it comes to home security but your shed or outbuildings should be a close second. In most cases a shed will be unoccupied, meaning no one actually dwells within it, i.e, lives there. This will embolden a burglar to try and gain access to any shed or outbuilding as they are at a lower risk of being disturbed. However, just because your family members do not occupy your shed it... Read More

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ABS Euro Locks in Liverpool

Euro cylinder locks are the most common uPVC door locks. They are predominantly used throughout Europe, hence the name Euro lock. We stock many Euro cylinder locks from hardware security brands such as Yale, VERSA, UAP, Ultion as well as our own brand cylinder locks. The difficulty with some euro cylinders however is that they can be snapped, leaving your property at a disadvantage, that’s why we are proud to call ourselves an approved Avocet ABS Elite Centre. What’s an ABS Elite Centre? Avocet elite centre’s guarantee the customer the... Read More

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Home Security During Halloween & Mischief Night

Whether its in America or the UK, Halloween is big business these days and as popular as ever. During this enjoyably spooky season expensive costumes are bought or created and children & adults alike give-in to their sweet tooth cravings. Trick or treating encourages people to communicate with their fellow neighbours in the local community and for the most part a good time is had by all. However, stats show that during this time of year the crime rates increase. The combination of darker nights and a free spirited holiday... Read More

7 Ways You Can Stay Safe This Autumn

Autumn brings with it many changes. The Summer sunshine makes way for cold and blistery conditions, leaves begin to fall from the trees and the dark nights begin to set in. With these seasonal changes comes new challenges when it comes to keeping you and your home safe and secure. Security Tips For The New Season Although career burglars operate 24 days a week 365 days a year there can be certain spikes in these sort of crimes throughout the year. However, it is important to remember that most burglars... Read More



It is something that you use everyday but many would not have heard of a euro cylinder lock. As we know so well here at Home Secure the euro cylinder lock is the gateway to your home. Unfortunately criminals are well aware of this too and have developed a sneaky to trick to monitor if your home is empty. This involves placing sellotape over your euro cylinder lock meaning that you cannot open your door without removing it first. What this means is that criminals can monitor how long the... Read More

Tip Of The Week: Measuring your uPVC Door Handles

We like giving out useful information as much as possible here at Home Secure. We think DIY jobs no matter whether you are a professional or not should be made as simple as possible. So, with that being said, here’s our Tip Of The Week to help you measure your uPVC door handles. To make sure you’re choosing the right replacement uPVC door handle read this article on How To Identify Your uPVC Door Handles Measuring Your Door uPVC Door Handles in 3 Easy Steps As the diagram indicates the... Read More

Where To Place Your House Door Numbers

Door numbers for your house can come in an array of shapes, sizes, colours and materials. You could have it painted on wood, engraved in slate, not to mention other options such as acrylic, ceramic, even a sticker. Whether you choose one of these options or something more traditional like a brass or chrome option the important thing to know is where to place them. The Importance Of House Numbers House numbers are not just for decoration, they are a functional necessity. They are there to differentiate yours and your... Read More