Driveway Safety Tips

We all know how dangerous cars on the road can be. It has been reported that there were officially 1,770 reported road deaths in Great Britain for the year ending June 2018. These statistics may change year on year but it starkly shows us that there will be guaranteed deaths every year due to cars and other vehicles. Scarily still is the fact that you don’t have to be on a motorway or busy road to get into an accident, driveway accidents and deaths are the most tragic of occurrences as it is usually a loved one that inflicts injury on another family member – often a child.

Always Be Aware

Children are adventurous and curious, they love playfully exploring their surroundings. These are all good qualities to have when you are growing up but sometimes it may lead to minor accidents – sometimes worse. It should be safe for your children to play outside their home or in the front garden but there have been some tragically unlucky deaths involving children and cars over the last few years.

Small children can escape your gaze and wander off without you knowing. All it takes is a car to reverse out of yours or a neighbours driveway or someone to forget to put the handbrake on and a catastrophic event could occur. It is important to educate your kids on the dangers of roads and cars, no matter if you live in a quiet cul-de-sac or a high rise apartment.

Safety Tips

  • Often children like to greet or say goodbye to their parents going to or coming from work. Do not let them run out into the front garden or driveway when someone is behind the wheel of a car.
  • When people are parking they are usually distracted and will be less likely to see a small child, especially if they have a 4×4 style car or a van.
  • When someone is reversing from a driveway the driver may have many blind spots. This is the most dangerous time as the driver will be checking for oncoming cars and may miss a child in his rearview or side mirrors.
  • Open your windows and turn the radio off whilst you are parking in your driveway or leaving. The sound of a child might just let you know that you need to brake, having a radio on will distract you and drown out other sounds.
  • If you don’t have children but live near neighbours who do then be extra cautious. Practice reversing from your driveway so you know the exact steps you are taking every day.
  • Teach your kids to play in a designated area. Let them play in the front garden but always keep an eye on them. Fix padlocks or gate locks on your front gate so they can never sneak out and wander off.

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