Grow Your Own Spiky Security

As crazy as it may seem you owe a duty of care to those that trespass on your property! You may feel that you are entitled to set booby traps and install barbed wire and broken glass around your home, but please be aware that you will be the one getting prosecuted. In fact you can be sued if anyone, including burglars, comes to any harm on your property: Occupiers Liability Act 1984

Thorny Issue

It can be confusing being a homeowner sometimes. Just merely protecting your property can result in you getting inadvertently prosecuted. DO NOT place broken glass, barbed wire, sharpened nails, booby traps in or around your property. Do however, use passive home security that is far more effective. Install motion sensors, security lights, CCTV cameras and anti snap door locks and window locks.

However, there is a way to deter burglars whilst making your home and garden look beautiful. There are certain species of shrubs and hedges that will act as a natural barbed wire deterrent. For instance, hedges such as Blackthorn have thorny foliage that will keep out unwanted intruders, as well as unwanted animals. Blackthorn is one of the most commonly found UK native hedging species and produce beautiful white flowers. It can grow up to 4 metres in height but be wary that some spiky foliage can grow upwards of 50 feet, a lot of pruning is necessary to keep these plants looking clean and tidy.


Whatever species of hedge you purchase make sure it is planted in a suitable area. Most are fast growing so be sure to find out how tall they will be over time. Plants, shrubs, trees etc not only deter intruders but they add to the overall natural beauty of your garden.

Plant your chosen foliage under windows or beside garden fences. For instance, place small to medium sized shrubs under and around windows and other entry points. Alternatively, climbing foliage that will wrap itself around its nearest obstacle is best for walls and fences.

Defensive gardening as its known can be an extremely effective weapon against burglary and vandalism, just make sure that you don’t encroach on your neighbours property. More importantly, make sure it adds beauty to your garden rather than turning it into a green and spiky prison.

See our infographic below on some of the best species to plant in your garden.

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