Home Security During Halloween & Mischief Night

Whether its in America or the UK, Halloween is big business these days and as popular as ever. During this enjoyably spooky season expensive costumes are bought or created and children & adults alike give-in to their sweet tooth cravings. Trick or treating encourages people to communicate with their fellow neighbours in the local community and for the most part a good time is had by all.

However, stats show that during this time of year the crime rates increase. The combination of darker nights and a free spirited holiday such as Halloween means that the UK sees a spike in anti social behaviour.

Increase in Crime

According to the insurance company Aviva malicious domestic damage increases by 150% during Halloween (Based on Aviva claims data between 2002 and 2012.)

Add to this the phenomenon of Mischief Night on October 3oth and you have the perfect conditions for an increase in burglary and anti social behaviour.

Mischief Night might only be viewed as a localised tradition that happens in certain areas – Yorkshire and Liverpool in the UK and certain states in America – but it can leave people feeling vulnerable and scared. This night of vandalism and cruel pranks brings with it damage to properties and cars that can leave homeowners footing the bill to repair broken windows and stolen property.

Security Tips For Halloween

As the clocks go back the dark nights bring many opportunities for burglars.

During Halloween and the week leading up to Bonfire Night your home can often be empty as you join in with the local festivities. Be vigilant and take the following precautions to keep your home and loved ones safe and secure:

  • Secure your home with things such as safety lights, or even better a home security alarm. Nothing deters burglars more than a home alarm system. Brands such as Yale are a good place to start when looking for security alarms. There are many smart home apps these days also that let you monitor your home even when you’re not in it.
  • If you or your kids do venture out on Mischief Night or go trick or treating over the Halloween period then make sure they are always in groups. If people have their lights off or have signs saying ‘No Entrance’ etc then do not go knocking on their door. Personal safety alarms, sometimes referred to as rape alarms, are an inexpensive way to give you that peace of mind when your children are out trick or treating.
  • If you are just popping out make sure your windows and doors are fully locked and secured. Being constantly aware when it comes to your home security is sometimes all it takes. If you remember to lock all your windows and doors before you go out then a burglar will move to the next property.
  • Conservatory doors and sliding patio doors can be vulnerable and are often targeted by opportunistic burglars. Invest in extra security such as a French door lock.
  • Try and go trick or treating in an area you know and only knock on the doors of people you know –  Do not enter the homes of people you do not know.
  • Install CCTV cameras to thwart off any anti-social behaviour. If your home is targeted then you will have evidence to show the police or your insurance company.
  • Pranks on Mischief Night can verge on the criminal. People’s letterboxes are often seen as easy targets for posting things through such as fireworks and other unsavoury items. Installing something like a letterbox lock or restrictor is a cheap way to thwart these trouble makers. Even better, why not invest in something like a fire proof letterbox bag to protect your home from any firework pranks.
  • Check out our anti graffiti kit to combat any unsightly messages or images you might find on the outside of your house or walls.



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