Home Security Over the Easter Holidays

The long Easter weekend gives us not one but two bank holidays. It starts with Good Friday which falls on April 19th and culminates with Easter Monday on 22nd April. It will be a period of comings and goings as people will be frantically trying to beat the traffic as they set out on their Easter getaways. Whether you are planning a mini vacation or simply staying home to relax make sure you have all your home security bases covered.

Easter Getaway

Planning ahead is key! Nobody wants to be stuck in traffic edging along inch by inch at a snail’s pace. On the flip side, it is important to stay safe as the highways and byways of the UK will be facing their most chaotic time of year. Take some of our road safety tips into consideration before you gather up your family and set out on your Easter vacation:

  • Make sure you have a good night’s sleep before you embark on your journey. Driver fatigue is speculated to be a contributory factor in up to 20% of road accidents. 
  • Plan your journey before you leave. Don’t leave it to chance, roads and motorways  will be bumper to bumper at certain times. Avoid roadworks.
  • 27 million car journeys are expected to be taken during the Easter Bank Holiday weekend. Try to avoid peak times when travelling to have a safe and speedy journey.
  • If you are on an especially long road journey then plan mini breaks in-between. Look for any road side cafe’s or rest areas to stretch your legs and break up the monotony.

Most importantly, keep your fellow car passengers happy. Small children and elderly relatives will be most susceptible to frustration, fatigue and stress. Make sure you have plenty of drinks and treats to keep your loved ones well fed and occupied.

Home Security

With so many people taking to the roads to treat themselves and their families to an Easter mini break there will be many empty homes up and down the country. Make sure you haven’t neglected to keep your property safe and secure whilst you are away. The most famous robbery of recent years happened over an Easter Bank Holiday in 2015. The Hatton Garden robbery saw thieves take advantage of lax security measures and the fact everyone had locked up and gone home for the weekend.

  • Take heed from the Hatton Garden burglary. If you are a small business owner or own a warehouse or lock up then make sure it is properly secured. If necessary hire security staff or simply install CCTV cameras and high powered alarms to deter burglars and gather evidence.
  • Keep your windows safe by installing window jammers and restrictors. Check your window uPVC mechanism and upgrade the uPVC window lock if necessary.
  • Make your house looked lived in. If you can’t get a neighbour or loved one to check on your property then use devices such as this Fake TV which will simulate a television being on.
  • Combine security lighting and CCTV cameras to deter burglars.

Make sure your Easter is a safe and happy one.

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