Home Security Whilst On Holiday!

Holidays are a time to relax and have fun, but they are also a time when the security of your home may be at risk. We are going to go through some of the little things that can be done to protect your home whilst on holiday.

Over Sharing On Social Media

More and more people are oversharing online making it one of the favourite tools for burglars. One of the most common things people share on social media is when they’re going on holiday, this may seem harmless but it actually gives burglars the knowledge that your home will be unoccupied making it a perfect target. Depending on the amount of  information being shared burglars can potentially know exactly when and for how long your home will be empty. Another thing to avoid is posting regular photos of your holiday this again lets potential burglars know that you are not at home. We recommend to only post photos of your holiday once its over and you are back at home. Obviously avoiding posting any information on social media is the best prevention, however if you really want to keep family and close friends updated on your activities then Facebook has options so that your posts will only be shared with people you select so always check your privacy settings when posting vulnerable information online.

Cancel Regular Deliveries

When going on holiday its best to cancel any subscriptions such as newspaper/magazines and milk. Not only will this save you some money it also prevents a build up delivered items. A pile of magazines on your doorstep is a clear indication to any burglar that the home is not occupied making it an easy target.

Make Your Home Look Occupied

There a few different ways to make your house look occupied. Using lights is one of the ways to make burglars think you are at home, however leaving lights on all the time is not only expensive it will have the opposite effect as it can show burglars you are away and forgot to turn the lights off. There is a solution to this problem, by using a Timer Switch you can set your lights to come on/off at specific times giving the impression that the house is occupied. Another way to make the home look occupied is by using a Fake Tv it gives the illusion that the TV is being watched as it simulates television light. A built-in computer controls the bright LEDs which produce light of varying intensity and colour that light up a room just like a real TV. This gives the impression that someone is in the house. The Simulated TV is almost indistinguishable from a real television as the varying intensity and colour changes mimic a real television. The last method is by having a friend or family member come to your home, using a Key Safe (see video below) is great with this method as you are not limited to just one person, instead you can give the combination to a few people making it easier to ensure your home appears occupied. Having a constant presence around the house is a great deterrent against burglars, performing simple tasks such as clearing a build up in mail, opening/closing curtains anything that will show that the home isn’t vacant.


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