How to Disguise Your Indoor Security Cameras

Indoor security cameras are integral in the fight against crime and burglary. If you are a victim of burglary an indoor camera might be the only tool that can give you the justice you deserve. Your items may never be recovered but a recording of the criminal in action will supply the courts with the necessary evidence to prosecute said criminal.

Crime Prevention

Firstly, outdoor CCTV security cameras are a visual deterrent. In fact, 60% of ex burglars claim that they would consider the presence of a security camera when selecting a target. 40% said a visible CCTV camera system would motivate them to move on to another target. To ram home the point, place signs and stickers warning burglars that you have security cameras in operation.

Indoor Cameras

If you do not have outdoor cameras or a burglar simply bypasses them, having indoor security cameras are a great backup. If your indoor camera is on show then an alert burglar can simply cover it, disable it or turn it away whilst he’s committing his crimes.

Employ some clever tactics when you are trying to protect your property. Use your everyday household items to fool the burglars into a false sense of security. Here are some ways you can disguise your indoor security cameras:

  • As our image suggests a bookshelf or a row of books and magazines are a great way to camouflage an upstanding IP digital security camera.
  • One of the first places a burglar will look is your master bedroom. They assume that all your most prized possessions will be stored there. If they are then think about hiding a camera in an old clock or camouflage it inside a toy.
  • To store a camera up high on something like a light shade then all you need is a flexible camera tripod. They are relatively inexpensive and can be moulded to any surface with their octopus like leg stands.
  • Hide it in plain sight. Leave it in the open by other tech gadgets like a home computer or a TV. The burglar has only a small window of opportunity and a security camera surrounded by other technology will not immediately stand out.
  • Cacti, flowers and potted plants are a great way of camouflaging your indoor camera. Even bury the bottom end safely in the soil so it can be propped up. Use the leaves of the plant to obscure your IP camera.
  • Get creative with your cunningness. Look around your home for hiding places whether it’s high up on a ceiling or low down on the floor. Use tissue boxes to conceal your camera or any other item that looks innocent and can house a camera.
  • Adapt your old android phone to set up an internet ready security camera and prop it up so it doesn’t immediately grab people’s attention. If necessary hide it in a shoe box or place it in an old picture frame – make sure it is fully charged, or leave it on charge whilst it is recording.

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