How To Keep Your Home Cool In The Summer

High temperatures can often become unbearable. Summer heat brings with it many pros and cons. The pros are that you can wander to the beach in shorts and flip flops and get the family round for a BBQ. The cons are that heat isn’t everyone’s friend, it can cause sun stroke, sickness and contribute to certain cancers. For those of us who do not do well in the sun we can always retreat to our house and hide away for a few days. However, we need to make sure the inside of our home doesn’t get as hot as the outside!

Stay Cool

Staying cool and comfortable during the Summer months can be a never ending task. Our homes can become like incubators storing unwanted heat and making it almost impossible to do anything, especially sleep!

Installing air conditioning units in several rooms of your house is not feasible for most people. It is extremely expensive and in some cases it has been found that air conditioning can spread diseases. It’s safe to say that AC units should be used solely for your vehicles and your place of work. As you spend most of your time sleeping, eating and living in your home you should opt for other solutions to keep your house nice and cool.

Tips For a Cool & Pleasant Living Space

  • When it seems to be unbearably hot outside you should close your windows. This might seem counter intuitive but by opening your windows during the hottest times of the day you are letting in hot air that will linger and spread around your home.
  • Make sure you have sufficiently weatherproofed your windows and doors. Slight cracks around your window and door frames will let warm air seep into your property. Use builders caulk to seal up any cracks you may have and install rubber gasket around your windows and doors. This will save you money on energy bills also.
  • A good tip is to open your windows of a night so the cool air will make its way into your home. When the temperature begins to rise again outside you will have trapped the cool air in your home from the night before.
  • If you do opt to open your windows in the day time make sure you have your blinds drawn. This will stop the rays of the sun penetrating into your home.
  • Electric fans do not emit cool air, they simply keep the air moving quickly. Place one by a window facing outwards so it will repel hot air, place another one in another room by a different window facing inwards. This will act as a vacuum and keep your house nice and cool.
  • A simple tip to keep cool during hot Summer days is to take plenty of cooling showers or lie in a nice cold bath to reduce your body temperature.
  • Sleeping can be impossible when the Summer gets unbearably hot. Place your pillow cases in your fridge for a couple of hours so when it’s time for bed you will have a nice cooling effect to drift off to. Spray cold water on your bed sheets and ring them out, once you are in bed the water will gently evaporate giving you a nice cooling feeling.

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