How To Protect Your Shed From Burglars

Shed security should be high up on your list of priorities. Obviously, your house takes precedent over everything else when it comes to home security but your shed or outbuildings should be a close second.

In most cases a shed will be unoccupied, meaning no one actually dwells within it, i.e, lives there. This will embolden a burglar to try and gain access to any shed or outbuilding as they are at a lower risk of being disturbed. However, just because your family members do not occupy your shed it shouldn’t stop you from taking the necessary security measures to protect your property.

Shed Security

Your garden shed is often used as a storage facility. Some may store their DIY tools or motorbike, others may store bicycles or children’s toys. Whatever you house in your shed you should take the requisite steps to achieve a highly secure and well-defended building.


  • If you have moved into a new house that already has a shed you should give it a thorough inspection. Check for weakened door hinges and if necessary replace them with longer screws or nuts and bolts. The hinges on garden sheds can be weak so make sure they are reinforced.
  • Burglars will scope out a property or shed before they strike. Obscure their view by putting up opaque security sheets to block out the windows or add curtains or blinds. Do not leave anything on show.
  • Sometimes a burglar will destroy a window or door to gain access to an outbuilding. Installing a shed alarm is a highly effective deterrent when it comes to protecting your shed. Easily installed PIR motion sensors will detect any intruder and a loud siren alarm will sound.
  • Padlocks are a good visual deterrent but some can be easily broken into with a hacksaw. Choose high security closed shackle padlocks that are weatherproof and impossible to penetrate – these types of padlocks are what insurance companies insist upon. Check out our rundown on types of padlock.
  • Mix and match security features. Use hasps as well as traditional locks to secure your shed or combine a shed alarm and a high security padlock with this Yale Shed Pack.
  • Lock your items down. If you have expensive items such as lawnmowers or motorbikes use a bike lock or chain to connect them all together. This will make it more difficult for a burglar to remove any one item.
  • Install security lighting such as PIR motion detector lights over the entrance to your shed or outbuilding. Furthermore, place security signs and stickers on and around your shed to let burglars know that you are taking a proactive approach when it comes to protecting your property.
  • There are specific security features that are solely designed to deter burglars from breaking into your shed such as this heavy duty locking shed bar from Solon Security.

Check out our video on security signs and stickers for the home:


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