Is Your Home Age Friendly?

When people reach a certain age they don’t want the hassle of downsizing to another property. A good proportion of elderly people want to stay in the house they’ve lived in for years and may be reluctant to admit themselves to a care home. People of retirement age need only make a few changes to their current property to make it safe and accessible for them in their twilight years.


Key turner aid

One of the main worries facing older people these days is that they can’t get around like they used to. Their time and freedom is a hot commodity and so any obstacles that interfere with these should be erased. Take for instance walking from room to room. A nice wide hallway and front door is an ideal way to accommodate someone who may have a disability or simply requires extra room to manoeuvre when entering and exiting a property.

Speaking of doors it’s easier for older people to grip door handle levers rather than door knobs. Make the door handles as easy to open as possible. When gaining access to a front door elderly people with weak joints and arthritis will find it extremely difficult to operate their front door key. Purchase an age friendly key tuner aid to give you or your elderly relative some extra leverage when opening your front door or theirs.


The more room an older person has the more comfortable they will feel. This goes for bathrooms also. A large bathroom with non slip mats should be a main priority for elderly people. Ideally the bathroom should be right next to the bedroom for ease of access and grab rails should be installed along the route.

Stairs can be the Achilles heel of any home but when you are of a certain age they can be an even more treacherous obstacle. If you have the means then installing a stair lift would be a huge help to you or your elderly relative. The wider the staircase the easier it will be to navigate. Install strong grab rails at the bottom and top of your stairs. Make sure the actual hand rail is bolted securely and can take a good deal of weight. Think about installing handrails on both sides of the staircase for extra leverage.


Eyesight often deteriorates over time. Having a well lit home is the perfect solution for failing eyesight. Install security lights outside so it will light the way when the dark nights begin to set in. This is a good home security measure also as it will scare off any potential burglars or vandals.

Furthermore, instead of getting up and struggling with electrical switches invest in a 24 hour segment timer that will turn on lights and other electrical appliances without the need to get up and manually do it yourself. If you do have to persist with light switches and electrical sockets then make sure they are easy to reach and are not placed down near to the ground.


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