Last Minute Holiday Advice – Top 5 Tips

Top Tips If You Are Going Away On Holiday

There are many ways to keep your home safe while on holiday. There are also many security gadgets and expensive alarms that will keep your house safe while your on holiday. Investing in strong security is always a good thing. However, just using your common sense and some ingenuity can be just as effective.

Top 5 Useful Tips Holiday Tips

  • Some people have the same dilemma every time they leave their house empty – curtains shut or curtains open? You don’t want to have the curtains shut throughout the day as this is a sure-fire clue that no one is home. The perfect solution is to invest in a cheap automatic 24 hour light switch timer. A light that comes on and off throughout the day and night is a perfect deterrent to house burglars.
  • You can’t take everything with you on holiday, and why would you want to. Those expensive gadgets and family heirlooms are much safer at home – You don’t want them getting dragged through airport security and hauled onto unreliable aeroplanes. The best solution is to either leave them with a loved one/friend or store them in a fire proof safe somewhere in the home. This is also a good idea for things like bank statements and driving licenses as this will reduce the risk of identity theft.
  • What to put on luggage tags? Before you depart on that dream holiday take a few snaps of your luggage – In the event of lost or stolen luggage you can always prove to an airport representative that the luggage is yours. On the actual luggage tag keep the information specific to the holiday destination, your name and flight etc. Do not put your home address on your luggage as it is an advert for a burglar that your house is empty.
  • Quick language tip! If you are travelling to a destination where you may struggle with the local language it is best to download a few apps in preparation. There are plenty of good language translator apps out there. If English is your main and only language then learning a few phrases for your holiday abroad is a great idea. Also, once there try and use the hotel’s free WiFi to save on data. There will be plenty of other locations that will have free WiFi also such as cafe’s, museums, bars etc.
  • If you have left cars in the front path or driveway then get someone to take it for a spin around the block every few days. This will trick burglars and thieves into thinking that someone is occupying the property.

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