Most Burglaries Happen in November

As the clocks go back and dark nights draw in it seems that the Autumn months bring with them a higher risk of burglary! Statistics have shown that it is November is the main month that you are most likely to be burgled. November burglary rates are 46% higher than the rate for the rest of the year.

There are some major factors that contribute to these findings. For instance, the darker nights starting in October encourage burglars to try their luck. They know the many festivities over the coming months will more than likely leave many family homes empty. Halloween and Bonfire Night attract many families out of their homes and so makes it easier for a burglar to access a property.

Top 3 Tips For The November Period

  • Leave Lights On: It has been found that the most common time for a burglary is between 5pm and 11pm. This is the period when you should be most vigilant. Make sure your house is well lit. Flood lights, motion detectors and 24 hour segment timers are all good ideas.
  • Front Door Security: As there has been an increase in burglaries through the front door over the last few years it is often the case that people take their first line of defence for granted. Invest in a 3 Star Euro Cylinder that is ant-snap / anti-bump / anti-pick etc.
  • Signs: If totally overhauling your security system is too time consuming and expensive then simply trick the burglar. Put signs at the front and back of your property and on windows that state you have alarms and high powered security cameras – even if you haven’t!

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