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5 Ways To Weatherproof Your Home

Just as Autumn is coming to a close Winter is beginning to creep upon us. Not only do the Winter months have celebrations such as Christmas but they can bring some nasty surprises. Bad weather such as snow, rain, the cold etc can affect your home so it is best to plan ahead to avoid any problems. TOP TIPS TO WEATHERPROOF YOUR HOME Check to see if there’s any cracks in your property.Look for cracks or gaps in brick, concrete, stone wood etc and get a filler or sealant to... Read More

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Guide To Window Furniture

Windows are an integral feature of most buildings, whether it be a house, a flat or an office block. They let in sunlight and are great at ventilating your home, flat or office, allowing you to breathe in more fresh air. They also secure your property and if double glazed keep out unwanted noises. Window Handles The type of window handle you need will depend on what material your windows are made out of. For instance, timber window frames will need different handles than uPVC window frames. It also depends... Read More

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Ways To Prevent You And Your Home From Being Attacked

Upgrading your home’s security might only be a once a year endeavour. Different things throughout the year might trigger you to invest in some brand new home security. For instance, an increase in local burglaries in your area could trigger you to invest in some new anti snap locks or a home alarm system. However, not all crimes committed against your property is linked to burglary. Sometimes a home can be targeted for more sinister reasons, ie, in order to cause stress or damage to the occupant. Unfortunately, anti social... Read More

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Bonfire Night Safety Tips

The old maxim of ‘don’t play with fire’ gets thrown out of the window every year on November 5th. For November 5th is Bonfire Night, and this is the one day of the year when you can literally play with fire! Bonfires, fireworks and sparklers are part and parcel of the yearly Bonfire Night celebrations. Done correctly and safely they can add fun and spectacle to you and your families celebrations. However, if done incorrectly or in the wrong environment the results can be catastrophic. The Dangers Of Bonfire Night... Read More

How Do I Secure My Front Door?

According to the Office of National Statistics: in incidents of domestic burglary in a dwelling where the offender entered the dwelling, the offender gained entry through a door around 70% of the time and through a window around 30% of the time. More worryingly is the fact that most of these burglaries go unsolved meaning a lot of the time the victim doesn’t get their property back and the criminal goes unpunished. Prevention Although it may seem hard to fathom, the unfortunate truth is that the majority of burglars gain... Read More

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Home Security During Halloween & Mischief Night

Whether its in America or the UK, Halloween is big business these days and as popular as ever. During this enjoyably spooky season expensive costumes are bought or created and children & adults alike give-in to their sweet tooth cravings. Trick or treating encourages people to communicate with their fellow neighbours in the local community and for the most part a good time is had by all. However, stats show that during this time of year the crime rates increase. The combination of darker nights and a free spirited holiday... Read More

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How Your Front Door Can Help Sell Your House

Selling a house whether it’s your lifelong family home or just part of your property portfolio can be a time consuming and stressful endeavour. It may need entirely re-decorating to make it more modern, every room may need a fresh coat of paint to appeal to a wider clientele, or quite simply they’re could be many DIY repair jobs throughout the property that require expert help. The checklist when selling your home can be long and expensive. However, there are a few simple tricks you can utilise that will not... Read More

7 Ways You Can Stay Safe This Autumn

Autumn brings with it many changes. The Summer sunshine makes way for cold and blistery conditions, leaves begin to fall from the trees and the dark nights begin to set in. With these seasonal changes comes new challenges when it comes to keeping you and your home safe and secure. Security Tips For The New Season Although career burglars operate 24 days a week 365 days a year there can be certain spikes in these sort of crimes throughout the year. However, it is important to remember that most burglars... Read More

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How Long Do uPVC Door Handles Last?

Most people these days will have a uPVC door handle on at least one of their doors. Wether it be internal, external or front door, uPVC handles are the go to choice for homeowners who want quality at a reasonable price. They are easy to install and come in various finishes to match your decor wether it be black, chrome, brass etc. The nature of door handles in general means that they will not last forever – the question is though, how long should your uPVC door handles last? What... Read More



It is something that you use everyday but many would not have heard of a euro cylinder lock. As we know so well here at Home Secure the euro cylinder lock is the gateway to your home. Unfortunately criminals are well aware of this too and have developed a sneaky to trick to monitor if your home is empty. This involves placing sellotape over your euro cylinder lock meaning that you cannot open your door without removing it first. What this means is that criminals can monitor how long the... Read More